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2001-2002 Articles:

» Storage Needs Running Amok? Virtualize!
As you're faced with tying more and more volumes together into something coherent and usable for your customers, it might be time to think about storage virtualization. Leslie Wood explains. (12/23/02)

» Storage Network Convergence - Making Life Simpler
The increasing variety of storage solutions invites complexity and confusion, many times resulting in the underutilization of capacity and poorly managed resources. Leslie Wood talked to two companies who aim to simplify management and combat the complexity through intelligent storage solutions. (11/19/02)

» What Happened to Accellis?
There are two formats specified under the Linear Tape Open (LTO) standard, yet only one of the formats is available today. Leslie Wood set out to discover what happened to LTO's 'other' child. (9/11/02)

» The Enhanced Backup Solutions Initiative
New technologies are changing the different ways in which we backup data, but as with other areas of the storage industry, differing approaches and standards threaten to stall that progress. What's needed is a common voice for the backup industry, which is where the Enhanced Backup Solutions Initiative comes in. (8/27/02)

» Back to School with the Network Storage University
Looking for an education source to bring you up to speed on the latest developments in network storage? Check out the Network Storage University which, with the backing of leading storage industry vendors, delivers free technical seminars at locations across the country. (7/31/02)

» It's Not Easy Being a Customer
Buying storage products should be an easy task, but with so many vendors, products, standards and technologies, making the right purchasing decisions is often not as simple as it should be. (6/25/02)

» Company Profile : DataPeer Inc.
The reduction of downtime, from a storage perspective, is one of the primary aims of DataPeer Inc., a New Jersey based managed data storage services company that offers a full suite of products using the latest technologies. (6/12/02)

» Storage Technologies to Watch - An Industry Perspective
According to research, the global storage market is worth $44 billion a year. The same research also suggests that 1.3 million terabytes of storage will be sold by the end of 2002. For those involved in the storage industry, such research is very encouraging, but what are the technologies that will drive such a rapidly expanding market? (5/24/02)

» Company Profile : NTP Software
NTP Software of Manchester, NH, is the provider of StorageReporter, a web-based reporting application that provides organizations with the information they need to effectively monitor and manage storage systems. (5/16/02)

» Company Profile : Storage Computer Corporation
For over 10 years, Nashua, NH-based Storage Computer Corporation has been providing more than 2,500 of the largest companies in the world with some of the most innovative storage solutions available. (5/6/02)

» Company Profile : Overland Data
Overland has been a leading developer of tape technologies for over 20 years. Today, Overland's third generation of tape libraries adds Distributed Robotics Architecture (DRA) to the company's award winning storage core. (4/23/02)

» Company Profile : McDATA Corporation
According to statistics, on average companies will buy as much storage this year alone as they did in their entire history. McData offers software solutions to manage these growing storage needs. Just ask BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee, which saved a bundle in the month after deploying McData's SANavigator product. (4/2/02)

» Company Profile : EMC
EMC knows all about the need for having safe, secure, and reliable places to store data. It seems Ford Motor Company, Burger King Corporation and Galileo, a company that processes nearly one-third of the worlds travel reservations, agree. They have all implemented EMC storage solutions and services. (1/9/02)

» Company Profile : Spectra Logic
Spectra Logic targets heterogeneous 24/7 data centers with tape libraries that are compatible with all industry-leading archive packages. (5/1/01)

» Storing Your Valuables: Warehousing Your Data
Storage farms enable collaboration across extended enterprises by allowing companies, their employees, and/or their partners to securely access, distribute, and manage business critical information from any Web-enabled device. (3/16/01)

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