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Will the “Tape is Dead” Folks Please Sit Down?

Those vendors that claim tape is no longer viable for data storage usually have a vested interest in other storage media.

SSD vs. HDD: Performance and Reliability

When comparing SSD vs. HDD, the performance winner is clear cut but reliability is a more complex issue.

Software Defined Storage Challenges

Sure, Software Defined Storage has advantages, but its challenges are also significant.

Hybrid Cloud Storage Buying Guide, Part II

Hybrid cloud storage offers strong benefits for business and many more vendors are expected to move into this sector.

Data Storage Security: Securing the Physical Data Center

While many storage admins worry the most about network security, the physical security of data is also essential.

Data Storage: Who's Got the Encryption Key?

A vendor's assurance that your data is encrypted is not enough to protect yourself in all scenarios.

Enterprise File Sync and Share: Issues and Vendors

It's essential that data storage admins choose a file sync solution that's robust enough for their level of business.

Hybrid Cloud Storage: Extending the Storage Infrastructure

Hybrid cloud storage offers significant cost savings, but beware of over-hyped solutions that don’t offer all of this technology’s true benefits.

Unified Data Protection Comes of Age

Enterprises should look for a backup and recovery platform with next-gen architecture and features.

Mainstreaming High IO Performance with Flash Cache

Enterprise storage solutions with flash cache can offer faster performance and lower latency at a reasonable price.

IT Department Takes on Critical Ediscovery Role

After years of minimal involvement in ediscovery, IT is increasingly responsible for the critical data management and collections phases of ediscovery. As  email archives and backup take on new ediscovery responsibilities, three factors are driving this change.

Sea Changes for IT and Ediscovery

Ediscovery is increasingly falling into the IT organization's hands. This presents a challenge for ediscovery vendors who are used to dealing with IT secondary influencer but selling directly to legal.

The Top Six Trends in eDiscovery

Trends include project management, cloud positioning, social media, interdisciplinary teams, interoperability, and in-house eDiscovery.

eDiscovery and Unified Archive Repositories

A successful eDiscovery process depends on a strong foundation of well-managed data.

IT and eDiscovery Collections

The collections process for eDiscovery is showing signs of moving away from service providers and coming in-house.

IT, eDiscovery and Enlightened Self-Interest

eDiscovery development and dollars are moving fast into areas under IT’s direct control and there are many driving factors that are making eDiscovery more attractive to IT.

Critical Success Factors for IT and eDiscovery

IT should bring its own set of buying criteria to the table in the early stages of the eDiscovery process, especially since the critical success factors for eDiscovery purchases mimic those of storage management buys.

eDiscovery: A Light at the End of the Tunnel - and It's Not a Train

There are three major stages of eDiscovery that, if done well, will also help solve storage management, compliance and governance issues.

Hosting eDiscovery in the Cloud: Know What You're Getting

There is a lot of confusion over what constitutes the cloud. So let’s define some cloud terminology narrowed down by eDiscovery.

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