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Businesses Report Systems Glitches from "Big Blackout"

August 20, 2003
As last week's Big Blackout of '03 begins to fade into history, businesses are starting to report the first crop of resulting problems with storage and other computer systems. On the whole, though, disaster prevention measures and recovery systems appear to have held up remarkably well.

Sony Ships First Terabyte S-AIT Tape Drives to OEMs

December 20, 2002
Sony has shipped the first of its S-AIT drives, offering 1.3TB of compressed data capacity, with write-once capabilities on the horizon for 2003.

NAS or SANs? Will Your (Future) Storage Manager Decide?

October 18, 2002
Choosing storage options can be a hard call to make, especially when each member of your IT team has a different set of needs and skills. Jacqueline Emigh reports on how the experts recommend you make those calls.