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Virtualization, SRM and FCoE Are Hot at SNW

It wasn't all clouds and SSDs at Storage Networking World this week.

Virtualization and the Cloud Will Change Data Storage

Storage and IT luminaries gathered last week to discuss the future, and they agreed that it's in cloud and virtual environments.

Cloud Computing Poses E-Discovery, Legal Risks

The data storage industry may be all agog about cloud computing, but one attorney urged caution at this week's Storage Networking World. And FCoE was a big draw at the show.

What Are Storage Vendors Doing at CES?

With consumer devices and content adding to corporate data stores, it's no wonder that enterprise storage users and vendors are taking note of this week's Consumer Electronics Show.

The Cloud Offers Promise for Storage Users

Cloud computing may be ill-defined and over-hyped, but for storage users, it could represent a new way of looking at storage.

Storage Technologies for a Slowing Economy

This week's Storage Networking World conference seemed to focus more on economic reality than on the hottest new storage technologies.

Storage Managers Struggle With Security Demands

This week's SNW conference showed just how central the role of security has become for storage managers.

Security Looms Large at SNW

With another data tape loss driving the point home, Storage Networking World attendees were told that storage security could become a bigger issue than operating system or network security.

Power Struggles Take Center Stage at SNW

Storage users described their struggles with power and cooling issues at this week's Storage Networking World, and industry officials launched an initiative to try to help them.

'Green' Is Hot for Storage Managers

Soaring energy costs aren't the only reason for storage managers to be concerned about green issues. A growing number of environmental laws and regulations are targeting IT issues.

Getting Up To Speed On FRCP

New amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure make e-discovery everyone's business. A look at what organizations should consider in implementing an e-discovery policy and shopping for an archiving solution.

Complexity, Legal Demands Plague Storage Users

Unwieldy storage environments and e-discovery were very much on the minds of attendees at last week's Storage Networking World conference.

Making Storage Simpler

If there's one thing storage users want, it's simplicity, according to attendees at last week's Storage Networking World.

Storage Users Don't Shy Away From New Technology

Judging from packed sessions at this week's Storage Networking World, storage users are eager to explore new technologies such as virtualization and storage grids.

It's Still All About The Management

IT managers continue to wrestle with the same storage management difficulties, according to attendees at this week's Storage Networking World conference.

Data Management a Pain for Life Sciences

A life sciences IT group plans to develop "good informatics practices" to help make healthcare data management operations more efficient.

SNIA Tackles Metadata

The storage industry group is developing a fixed content programming interface to help with long-term data archiving.

Storage Management Still a Pain

SNIA revisits its storage management survey of end users and finds that the problems haven't gone away.

Fibre Channel, iSCSI Advances Promise More for Less

Storage users looking for greater performance at lower cost found some promising developments in Fibre Channel and iSCSI technology at Storage Networking World this week.

Disaster Recovery Looms Large at SNW

With Hurricane Wilma passing just south of the conference, disaster recovery was very much on the minds of Storage Networking World attendees.

The State of ILM Best Practices

Information lifecycle management practices are still evolving, but there are some steps storage users can take to get started.

ILM Concepts Become Real at SNW

Judging from this week's SNW sessions, information lifecycle management has become more than just a buzzword.

Fibre Channel Hits the Fast Lane at SNW

The first 4-Gig Fibre Channel solutions debut at the storage trade show.

A Step Closer to Unified Storage Management

Storage management should get a little easier after today's announcement of a new industry interoperability testing program.

Storage Security Back In The Spotlight

With public concern over lost and compromised data growing, the time is right to take a closer look at storage security best practices.

Storage and Records Managers Find Common Ground

The once segregated activities of records managers and storage managers seem to be coming together, thanks to the efforts of two organizations.

CES Becomes Enterprise Storage Showcase

With Comdex gone and consumer electronics driving storage trends, enterprise storage vendors are flocking to Vegas.

A Peek Into the 2005 Enterprise Storage Goody Bag

We talk with Tom Coughlin of Coughlin Associates to get a glimpse of the content storage advances to be revealed at next week's Storage Visions 2005 conference.

Storage Users Speak Out

A SNIA survey finds that lack of understanding of how to architect, provision and scale storage networking technology solutions is at the root of most end user difficulties.

What Does SMI-S Certification Mean for End Users?

We discuss SNIA's new SMI-s Conformance Testing Program with Julie Ryan, Engenio's manager of alliances.

SNIA Aims to Make Storage Education Easier

SNIA's new Education Continuum could remake storage education and certification and eventually lead to a storage networking degree.

ILM: Promise or Reality in Today's Enterprises?

Information Lifecycle Management may be the storage buzzphrase of the year, but is it more of a promise or a reality at this point? ESF takes a look at how ILM works and reveals how it's being used in today's enterprises to aid in compliance, management, and ease of use.

New Enterprise Storage Developments and Challenges, Part 2

Forward-thinking enterprises should keep an eye on the entertainment and digital content consumer industries to scope out important storage trends and to get a leg up on their competition. Our two-part interview with Tom Coughlin concludes with a look at some of the digital content storage developments on the horizon and their implications for enterprise storage environments.

New Enterprise Storage Developments and Challenges, Part 1

Forward-thinking enterprises should keep an eye on the entertainment and digital content consumer industries to scope out important storage trends and to get a leg up on their competition. Our two-part interview with Tom Coughlin covers some of the digital content storage developments on the horizon and their implications for enterprise storage environments.

Security: The Elephant in the Storage Management Room

Storage security -- it's the two-ton elephant in the corner of the room that no one wants to mention, much less clean up after. But acknowledging the elephant's presence, and thereby taking the necessary steps to secure your enterprise's critical data, is imperative if your business is to survive, let alone thrive.

What's the Big Deal about Spam?

If you're in IT, then you know about spam and you know you've got problems, but what can you do that will actually slow down the proliferation of spam? Marty Foltyn offers some tips and suggestions that will filter out unwanted spam and thereby free up much needed storage space.

Keeping It Simple: Building a Storage Network

As with all large projects, building a storage network is easier to do if you divide the process into smaller steps. But when you're just getting started, it's hard to know exactly what those steps should be. Marty Foltyn recently discussed with data storage network expert Bill Peldzus where to start and how best to proceed when constructing a storage network.

Case Study: Fair Isaac Steps Up to a Tape SAN

Marty Foltyn details the project plan and process Fair Isaac Corporation recently employed in successfully implementing a tape SAN for backups.

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