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8 Cloud Storage Problems: How to Avoid Them

Is There a Future for Proprietary Solid State Storage Systems?

Conventional SSDs look set to dominate the solid state storage market thanks to falling prices and new technologies.

Enterprise SSD Storage On-Demand, On-Premises

Vendors like HPE are bridging the gap between data centers and the cloud with on-demand enterprise SSD storage systems.

Where Do M.2 High Capacity SSDs Fit in the Data Center?

Standard high capacity SSDs will soon hold 60TB, while M.2 high capacity SSDs can store just 2TB. But they do have some advantages that make them worth considering.

High capacity SSDs: How Big Can They Grow?

High capacity SSDs will clearly play an ever growing role in enterprise data storage.

3D XPoint Enterprise SSD Speeds Will Disappoint

Hoping for a thousand-fold enterprise SSD speed gain from 3D XPoint? Think again.

NVMe Enterprise SSDs Over Fabrics Can Conquer Latency

Network fabrics make NVMe enterprise SSD arrays behave like DAS, resulting in drastic drops in latency.

Comparing Cloud Storage: Big Vendors Forge Ahead

Cloud storage service providers need data centers all over the world. So how do the major players compare?

Tiered Storage: Layers Promise Big Savings

Organizations that can classify their data accurately can profit from emerging tiered storage layers.

Does 3D XPoint Spell the End for Flash Storage?

Intel and Micron's new storage technology is faster than flash and cheaper than DRAM. The big question is how it will be adopted.

The Future of Disk Storage

Google provides a glimpse of the hard drives of tomorrow.

SSD Sales to Eclipse Hard Disk Sales Soon

New manufacturing techniques are making solid state storage arrays the best solution for an increasingly broad array of applications.

LTFS Tape-Disk Hybrid Storage: Who Needs Cloud?

Hybrid data storage systems that combine LTFS tape and disk promise low cost storage that’s faster than the cloud and almost as scalable.

Top 10 Ways to Improve Data Center Energy Efficiency

Data center energy efficiency becomes ever more important as storage needs continue to expand exponentially.

Can Cloud Storage Costs Fall to Zero?

Cloud storage providers keep lowering their prices. How low can they go?

Data Storage's Future: Disruption Ahead

The future of data storage is in flux as legacy storage vendors face a dizzying array of challenges.

VMware's Virtual SAN Threatens Traditional Data Storage Models

VMware's Virtual SAN represents a major step forward in software defined storage -- one that is surely to be met by competitors.

Data Storage QoS: Still Emerging, But Inevitable

Although adoption is still limited, leading storage experts say QoS will eventually be part of most enterprise storage systems.

Virtualization and the Need for Storage Acceleration Software

New improvements in the way cache is managed in virtualized environments may lead to big benefits.

Storage TCO

The upfront purchase price is just a fraction of the total costs associated with storage arrays.

Cloud Storage SLAs

Read the fine print carefully before signing on the bottom line with a cloud storage vendor.

The Coming Software-Defined Storage Revolution

Just as virtualization and software-defined networking are transforming the data center, SDS is poised to have a huge impact on storage.

Host-Based Replication

A good option for SMBs, host-based replication offers significant savings over array-based replication.

Big Data and In-Storage Processing

For many big data applications, it reduces costs and saves time to do processing in the storage device instead of transferring data to other systems.

True Data Security Goes Beyond Encryption

Never has so much data been stored, and never has so much been at risk. Encryption is critical to keeping your data safe, but it is only the first step in ensuring that your data is usable to those who need it.

Storage Challenges of Virtualization

Server virtualization continues to pose serious challenges for storage systems and the administrators that maintain them. Much of this is due to how storage intensive server virtualization is is. Learn what you can do to mitigate the bottleneck.

Thailand Floods Continue to Impact Storage Market

When Thailand suffered massive flooding in late 2011, it sent a huge jolt to the hard disk drive storage market. The impact continues to be felt, but how deep is it and how long will it be felt?

4 Ways to Cut Storage Compliance Costs

Complying with privacy and data protections laws and the numerous regulations designed to protect sensitive and confidential customer information can get expensive. But noncompliance is more costly. Follow these four simple guidelines to reduce your compliance costs while remaining compliant.

10 Reasons Why ZFS Rocks

10 reasons why Sun's open-source ZFS file system is so popular and where to get started.

Storage Basics: How WAN Optimization Works

WAN optimization promises huge gains in network performance, but how does it accomplish that?

IronKey Locks Down Dangerous Memory Sticks

IronKey has developed a system for enterprises to manage and control risky flash drives.

WAN Optimization Grows Up

The market for WAN optimization is maturing, but companies like Riverbed and Blue Coat are still going strong.

NetEx HyperIP Boosts Data Storage Recovery

NetEx says its HyperIP protocol can restore data quickly from remote replication sites.

Could Solid State Spell the End for Hard Drives?

Some analysts say the answer is yes — and perhaps sooner than you think.

What's Microsoft Up To In Storage?

A recent move by the software giant suggests that it thinks the future of storage is in the cloud.

Bringing Data Center Automation to the Masses

A new service brings data center automation within reach of small businesses.

Data Center Automation: Coming Sooner Than You Think

One analyst thinks data center automation will be here within five years, which means you better start planning for it now.

Reducing Virtualization's Storage Demands

They're early in development, but some new technologies hold promise for reducing server virtualization's demand on storage environments.

Combating Virtual Machine Sprawl

Virtual machines are a big drain on storage resources. Here's a few steps you can take to control them.

Hyper-V Not Yet Ready for Storage Prime Time

VMware may be worried about Microsoft's virtualization entry, but storage users will have to wait a while for Hyper-V's functionality to rival that of VMware.

Enterprise Storage Comes Home

RAID, NAS and sophisticated backup schemes have moved from enterprises into homes. So which high-end storage technologies could be next to work their way into the family den?

Consumer Devices Give Storage Admins Security Headaches

From iPods to USB memory sticks, consumer storage devices present potential security threats, and companies have sprung up to fill the need.

Microsoft Keeps Storage Users In Suspense

Storage users will have to wait for Windows Storage Server 2008, but Server 2008 will give them plenty of storage features to play with until then.

Blimey! Data Disaster Left Half of England Exposed

As data losses go, the British government's 2007 fiasco will be hard to top.

VMware's Storage Ambitions

The server virtualization leader aims to manage everything in data centers — with help from storage vendors.

Storage and Data Center Automation Begin to Converge

Storage automation is gaining thanks to its server counterpart, but it still has a ways to go.

Storage Security: Neglect It at Your Peril

With increasing regulatory demands and complex technology, storage security has become a discipline in its own right. Still, many companies don't include it in their security plans.

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