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Host-Based Replication

A good option for SMBs, host-based replication offers significant savings over array-based replication.

Top 5 Backup Trends (Plus Five Bonus Trends for Active Archiving)

Deduplication and virtualization continue to be hot topics.

Tape Storage Buying Guide

Spectra Logic, Tandberg Data and Oracle all have noteworthy new tape storage tools.

Disk Archiving Buying Guide

Enterprise archive storage options include the Dell DX Object Storage Platform, NetApp Snaplock and HP StoreAll X9730.

Disaster Recovery: IT Pros Handle Hurricane Sandy

IT professionals talk about disaster recovery in response to the mega-storm. Plus: 10 lessons learned for the next natural disaster.

Getting a Handle on Cloud Backup

Thinking about online backup and storage for your company? Here's how to make the business case, identify vendors, and evaluate specific solutions.

Picking the Right Cloud Storage Vendor

Given that cloud storage is relatively new, selecting the best cloud storage vendor for your business presents unique challenges.

Cloud Computing Availability Assurance Buying Guide

The need for secure cloud storage drives the growth of disaster recovery (DR) assurance software.

VMware and vCloud Storage: Ten Things You Need to Know About

IT workloads are increasingly virtualized, and VMware is working to grab a larger share of this growing pie.

Cloud Storage Marketing Hype: Amazon Glacier's Big Claims

Proving that the cloud storage space offers some questionable advertising, Amazon’s Glacier makes some remarkable claims.

How Many Archive Copies Do You Really Need?

Generally, when organizations are deciding how many copies of a file they need on hand, they are really asking a reliability question about  the data. And the most common question that follow that is, are two copies  on low-cost, low-reliability media better than one copy on enterprise media?

Storage Partitioning Made Simple With Paragon Hard Disk Manager

With the latest release of Paragon Hard Disk Manager, it's easier than ever to split and resize partitions  for the purpose of separating data and programs. See what the latest version has to offer.

Sepaton Storage Buying Guide

Is Sepaton's product line of disk-only offerings with their focus on data footprint reduction strong enough to bring an end to tape's hold?

LTO Tape Buying Guide

LTO technology has been around for many years, and numerous vendors sell products built around it. With LTO-5 released this year and LTO-6 on the horizon, how does an enterprise chose from the myriad product choices?

Quantum Storage Buying Guide

Long known for its tape automation products, Quantum has added a large disk-based portfolio to satisfy enterprises' preferences.

Taneja Group Research: Deduplication and the Innovation Race -- It Isn't Over

Most enterprise have dedupe equipment, but not all backup data is  being deduplicated. HP's StoreOnce storage technology aims to change this.

More Deduplication Tools to Check Out

Data deduplication has hit the mainstream and nearly all of the major vendors have an offering along with numerous smaller players. Here are 13 dedupe offerings worth a look. At least one is likely to more than meet your needs.

Big Data Drives Rebirth of Tape Market

Just when tape was (once again) left for dead, big data has arrived to save the day.

Spectra Logic's 10 Key Storage Shifts

Last week, Spectra Logic held a press and analyst day in Boulder, Colo. These 10 highlights stood out among the news, technology trends and company's pure ambition.

8 Deduplication Products You Must Check Out

It wasn't long ago that data deduplication was niche player territory. Now, all of the major vendors have a stake. Here are 8 dedupe offerings that stand apart from the crowd.

STORServer Aims to Simplify Backup, Disaster Recovery

Bundled appliance offering backup, archiving and disaster recovery aims to remove complexity for mid-market enterprises.

Nimble Storage: It's All About Convergence

Startup vendor specializes in converged array that marries primary and backup storage along with disaster recovery.

The Secret Life of Tape, 2011 Update

With its hard error rate, low power consumption and cooling costs, and cost per TB, tape remains the best medium for long-term storage. Like any medium, however, tape has a life span and associated limitations.

EMC Backup and Recovery Buyers Guide

Backup and recovery is a key part of EMC's business, with five separate product lines making up its Backup and Recovery Systems division. We look at what Data Domain, Avamar, NetWorker, Disk Library and Disk Protection Advisor have to offer.

Tape Migration: Ignore It at Your Peril

Tape migration is one of the biggest issues with which storage admin are grappling. It's both difficult and costly, but it is imperative to begin the process with your eyes open, and sooner rather than later.

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