Open Source Storage: 49 Tools for Backup and Recovery: Page 2 -

Open Source Storage: 49 Tools for Backup and Recovery - Page 2

20. Create Synchronicity

At just 220KB, Create Synchronicity is one of the lightest weight, fastest system backup tools available. The graphic interface is very easy to use, while also offering plenty of options for those who want to customize their backup process. Operating System: Windows

21. DAR

Short for "Disk ARchive," DAR is a command line tool that supports incremental and decremental backup and includes encryption capabilities. An optional GUI is available from the DarGUI project. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

22. DirSync Pro

DirSync Pro is a synchronization tool with filtering and scheduling capabilities. It also includes several modes for mirroring, backup, contribution and other occasions when file and folder synchronization is useful. Note that despite the "Pro" in the name, this is a 100 percent free and open source tool. Operating System: Windows

23. DriverBackup!

This simple utility backs up and recovers Windows drivers. It doesn't require installation and claims to be "fast and user-friendly." Operating System: Windows

24. Duplicity

This Linux-only backup solution puts the focus on bandwidth efficiency and encryption capabilities. Note that it is still a beta release and runs from the command line. Operating System: Windows

25. FullSync

Designed for developers, FullSync serves three different functions: website publication, backup and file synchronization. Key features include flexible rules, multiple synchronization modes and support for multiple file transfer protocols. Operating System: Linux, Windows, OS X

26. FlyBack

Modeled after Apple's TimeMachine, FlyBack offers incremental backups. Users can "fly" forward or backward in time to recover files from a point when the system was stable. Operating System: Linux

27. LuckyBackup

This award-winning backup tool has received many excellent reviews. It's based on Rsync and is easy to use. Note that the Windows version is still under heavy development. Operating System: Linux, Windows

28. Obnam

Obnam can backup systems to local disk or an online server. Key capabilities include the ability to do both push and pull backups, data de-duplication, snapshot backups and encyrption. Operating System: Linux

29. Redo

This very popular single system backup tool claims to be able to do a bare metal restore in under ten minutes. It's easy to use and can run from a CD or USB drive. Operating System: Windows, Linux

30. SchizoCopy

While it isn't a full backup and recovery solution, this utility provides an alternative to the standard Windows file copy and move operations. It's very fast, and it offers a "Backup support" feature. Operating System: Windows, Linux

31. SMS Backup+

This fork of SMS Backup allows Android users to archive their text messages to a Gmail account. It can also restore texts stored in Gmail back to your smartphone. Operating System: Android

32. Synkron

This synchronization tool offers multiple options for configuring your backups and syncs. Features include multiple folder sync, analysis tools, blacklisting, file restoration and more. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

33. Win32DiskImager

Extremely popular with developers and system administrators, this helpful tool can backup a raw disk image to removable media, or it can convert a CD, DVD or thumb drive to a disk image. It's a fairly simple, no-frills project, but receives rave reviews from users. Operating System: Windows

Online Data Storage

34. FTPbox

This project allows you to use your own server as an FTP-based file syncing host. Similar to Dropbox, it backs up the files on your system and allows you to access them from anywhere. Operating System: Windows

35. Pydio

Formerly known as AjaXplorer, Pydio is another option for setting up a file syncing and sharing platform on your servers. It claims to offer "consumer-grade simplicity allied to enterprise-grade compliance." Operating System: Windows, Linux (Android and iOS clients available)

36. SparkleShare

This developer-focused project makes it easy to host and share files that are accessed by a lot of people. It's good for backing up a few files that change frequently, but it's less ideal for a complete system backup. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

37. Syncany

This synchronization tool can copy your files to any cloud storage service, including both public and private clouds. It encrypts files for privacy, but also allows you to share them with others. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

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