Open Source Storage: 49 Tools for Backup and Recovery: Page 3 -

Open Source Storage: 49 Tools for Backup and Recovery - Page 3


38. 7-zip

When backing up files, it makes sense to use compression to save space. 7-zip can compress files up to 10 percent smaller than other popular tools, and it can pack and unpack many different kinds of archived files. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

39. ArcConvert

If you need to convert an archived file from one format to another, ArcConvert does the job. It supports a long list of file formats and languages, and it's won quite a few different awards from technology publications and websites. Operating System: Windows

40. ArcThemALL!

This batch compression tool can create three different kinds of archive files and read 33. It also supports encryption, and it comes in a portable version that doesn't require installation. Operating System: Windows

41. J7Z

J7Z offers an alternative interface for 7-zip. It can quickly create archive files, backup folders and more. Operating System: Windows

42. Keka

For Macs only, Keka is a port of 7-zip. Like the original, it supports many different archive file formats in addition to 7z. Operating System: OS X

43. PeaZip

One of the most flexible archiving tools ever made, PeaZip can handle more than 150 different types of compressed files. It can open, compress, convert, split, encrypt and securely delete backup files of nearly any kind. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X


44. AxCrypt

Encryption is a must for any backup files, and with more than 3 million downloads, AxCrypt can be considered the "leading open source file encryption software for Windows." It integrates directly into Windows, making it easy to encrypt and decrypt files with just a click or two, and it can be used with cloud-based backups. Operating System: Windows

45. Ccrypt

This replacement for the standard Unix crypt function uses the Rijndael block cipher version of AES to provide strong encryption. Like Crypt (below), it doesn't have a graphic interface and is best used by those comfortable working from the command line. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X

46. Crypt

At just 44KB, this is one of the fastest, lightest weight encryption tools available. However, because it's a command line tool, it's best for experienced system administrators or advanced users. Operating System: Windows

47. Encrypt

Also designed to be small and lightweight, Encrypt is a cross-platform tool with strong encryption capabilities. It aims to be fast and easy to use. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, Android


LUKS stands for "Linux Unified Key Setup," and it encrypts an entire drive. It's useful for hard disk backups and other types of storage that need password protection. Operating System: Linux

49. NeoCrypt

This file-based encryption program supports AES, DES, Triple-DES, IDEA, RC4, RC5, CAST-128, BlowFish, SkipJack and other algorithms. Like AxCrypt, it integrates into Windows Explorer for ease of use. Operating System: Windows

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