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Tandberg Data LTO-6 HH FC

Tandberg Data was the first tape vendor to start shipping LTO-6 tape drives and tape automation products last year. It has now released the first LTO-6 Half Height (HH) Fibre Channel (FC) external desktop tape drive. This unit is capable of backing up 6.25TB on one cartridge. This new LTO- drive is aimed at media, entertainment, broadcasting and imaging applications as it provides a means of storing video files, managing workflow and simplifying archiving. It can also be used as a portable backup and archiving platform for the Mac. Its Linear Tape File System means that an hour of HD video (500GB) can be transferred in less than 50 minutes.

Other features include performance of up to 1.4TB/Hr (compressed), media costs said to be less than $.02/GB per cartridge, 30-year archive life and encryption. The LTO-6 HH FC external tape drive costs $3,499 with LTO-6 media costing $99.00.

“We have customers using these products within media and entertainment, military and medical, and many have transitioned to LTO-6 very quickly as they future proof their investment in tape,” Simon Anderson, Product Manager – Tape Products, Tandberg Data. “As a rule of thumb, tape is typically 15 times cheaper than disk, and tape offers the only long-term solution for managing data growth. It allows organization to reduce the cost of storage, reduce downtime and increase productivity.

Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain has been offering archival tape management and tape vaulting for years. Even though it has greatly expanded its services to include disk backup options, the company remains a firm supporter of tape.

“Tape backup continues to be a cornerstone of any organization’s data management practices regardless of industry, geography or size,” said Jay Livens, director of product and solution marketing, Iron Mountain.

The company highlighted the continuing role of tape, even in small businesses, in a recent survey. While SMBs are being pounded with the message that disk is cheap and tape is old hat, a recent Iron Mountain survey demonstrated that plenty of them remain loyal to tape. An impressive 94% of survey respondents using or planning to use tape are using it along with disk. Some 43% of respondents cited cost, while 24% cite longevity as the reason for remaining with tape.

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