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The future of network storage
Viegut predicts that the future of network storage will focus around IP networks. "Historically, storage has been managed independently, but in today's environment it must become a component of the network", says Viegut. In addition, he predicts that there will be major shift in customers adapting to products from smaller, more hi-tech innovative companies because these companies can offer products that are less expensive, have a smaller foot-print, are capable of decreasing management overhead, and possess a faster to deploy system. Viegut says that Storage Computer's products and services are priced between 20 and 30 percent less than the costs associated with larger network storage companies. In late 2000 the company started going through a re-build phase, acquired another company, and brought in a new management team. When asked about expected revenues for this year, Viegut said "we are in the process of rebuilding and are not forecasting our yearly revenues."

Company Information

Storage Computer Corporation
11 Riverside Street
Nashua, New Hampshire 03062-1372
Tel: 603-880-3005
Fax: 603-889-7232
Web site: www.storage.com

International Offices :Germany, France, Italy, England, Hong Kong

Number of Employees :80

Stock Information :AMEX (SOS)

Revenues :
Estimated unaudited revenue results for the 4th quarter 2001 were $3.8 million
Revenues for the 3rd quarter 2001 were $2.2 million
Revenues for the 4th quarter 2000 were $1.3 million

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