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Digi-Data Implements Qlogic Chips

Digi-Data announced that it has implemented QLogic's ISP2300 Series 2-Gigabit intelligent Fibre Channel chips into the Digi-Data Fibre Sabre 2300 RAID System.

According to the company, the advanced features of QLogic's chips enable the Digi-Data Fibre Sabre 2300 to sustain data transfers from disks over 160 MB/second in an entry level RAID configuration of five disks (including parity). The offering supports demanding applications including video editing, video broadcast, video-on-demand, document/image storage, and streaming media, Digi-Data said.

"QLogic continues to impress us with the capabilities of the their chips and their support in incorporating them into our sophisticated RAID designs," said Dr. Tomlinson Rauscher, president of Digi-Data. "The onboard enhanced RISC processor of the QLogic 2300 enables us to achieve performance required in the most demanding storage applications."

"We're pleased that Digi-Data selected QLogic to deliver the critical components necessary for its high-performance RAID controllers," said Frank Berry, vice president of Product Marketing for QLogic's Computer Systems Group. "Digi-Data's Fibre Sabre RAID Family provides high performance to the growing RAID market, and the use of the QLogic ISP2300 chips significantly enhances throughput for high-performance environments."

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