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Addonics Adds Serial ATA Disk Array and Controller

A recently released 4-drive Serial ATA (SATA) disk array and a companion 4-Port RAID controller from Addonics Technologies are designed to make integrating high-speed SATA RAID technology "a simple and cost-effective option for any PC-compatible system," according to the company.

Addonics Disk Array 4SA

Addonics Disk Array 4SA

The Addonics Disk Array 4SA system accommodates up to four 3.5" SATA hard drives and utilizes SATA 1.0-compliant technology to deliver 150 MB/sec throughput. The disk array's hard drives can be set up in different configurations, including RAID 0 (Disk Stripping for high performance), RAID 1 (disk mirroring and duplexing for fault tolerance), or RAID 0+1 using four hard drives.

The Disk Array 4SA can be purchased separately or bundled with the SATA 4-Port RAID controller, which adds four internal SATA ports to a PC-compatible system and supports SATA drives of any capacity.

The Addonics Disk Array 4SA has a list price of $149, while the Disk Array with the 4-port RAID controller lists for $199.


Compliance on Demand Solution Debuts from FivePoints

FivePoints (formerly Opus-i) this week announced the debut of its SEC-compliant messaging solution designed to help financial services firms rapidly comply with SEC, NYSE, NASD, and Sarbanes-Oxley regulations for email and instant messaging electronic communications.

FivePoints has integrated world-class technologies from Microsoft, KVS, EMC, IMlogic, and Omniva to offer customers an outsourced, rapidly deployable compliant messaging solution that requires no capital investment in hardware and software. By integrating the most advanced technology solutions in email, instant message archiving, hosting, storage and security, FivePoints instantly satisfies the five key areas of compliant messaging, according to the New York, N.Y.-based company.

"We recognize that small and mid-sized financial firms need a close partner with an in-depth understanding of how they work," says Heather Davisson, FivePoints' co-founder and SVP Business Development. "Our primary goal with FivePoints is to alleviate the compliance burden with no hidden costs and predictable monthly service fees. Our solution allows businesses to focus on what's most import to them — their customers — rather than messaging compliance."

Tools included in the solution include KVS' Compliance Accelerator and IMlogic's IM Manager for surveillance rules and processes, EMC Centera and Sony AIT WORM tapes for data archival, KVS' K-Vault and EMC Centera online storage for message discovery and retrieval, and Omniva Policy Manager and Microsoft RM Server for data protection. FivePoints fully manages the hardware, software, and network environment for its hosted solution.

Additional information is available from the Five Points web site.


Storactive Webcasts Continuous Data Protection for Exchange Series

Storactive this week hosted a live webcast entitled Eliminating the Exchange Backup and Recovery Window that "details how recent technological advances can dramatically reduce the time and effort traditionally required to back up, recover messages, and manage data on Microsoft Exchange Server."

The webcast will be available the entire month of March every Wednesday at 11AM PST. Led by Jake McGill, executive director of sales with Storactive, the presentation and demonstration offers information and instruction on the benefits, development history, capabilities, and technology of Storactive's LiveServ.

The LiveServ disk-based software is designed to continuously back up Exchange Servers and achieve rapid, zero-loss recovery of individual messages, mailboxes, and entire data stores. The data protection solution restores downed servers to any point in time up to the point of failure, even if log files are destroyed, according to the company.

Those interested in signing up for one of the March webcast sessions should visit http://www.storactive.com/solutions/liveServ/webCast.asp or e-mail sales@storactive.com.


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