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Enterprise Storage Snapshots offers a weekly wrap-up of what's going on in the storage industry.Here are our storage news highlights for the week of SNW Spring 2004: NEC debuts a Disaster Recovery solution, Isilon introduces a pair of Isilon IQ Clustered Storage systems, SGI previews its InfiniteStorage Data Lifecycle Management server at SNW, STORServer is set to launch a Lifecycle Management appliance as well, and Spectra Logic ships a new automated tape library.

NEC Debuts Disaster Recovery Solution

NEC has jumped head-first into the enterprise disaster recovery scene with the introduction of its Disaster Recovery Fault Tolerant (FT) Solution, a product designed to help companies recover from virtually any infrastructure system failure while ensuring the ongoing availability and integrity of mission-critical resources.

NEC Disaster Recovery FT Solution

NEC Disaster Recovery
FT Solution

The solution combines NEC's Express5800/320Lb server and S1300 storage platforms with its EXPRESSCLUSTER software, a scalable and flexible clustering software solution that provides automatic recovery.

The company touts its comprehensive DR solution as offering the following benefits: "Five 9s" hardware availability, automatic failover via WAN, node heartbeat monitoring for assisting in ensuring Disaster Recovery in minutes, data mirroring technology for data integrity, high-performance storage that provides nearly 4TB of capacity, and both Active/Active and Active/Passive configuration options.

"The primary objective of a disaster recovery plan is to enable an organization to survive a computer room disaster and to re-establish normal business operations in just a few minutes," says Larry Sheffield, senior vice president of the Solutions Platform Group for NEC Solutions America. "NEC's Disaster Recovery FT Solution is designed to minimize the duration of a serious disruption to business operations, facilitate effective coordination of recovery tasks, and most important, reduce the complexity of the recovery effort."

NEC's Disaster Recovery FT Solution is currently available in multiple configurations, with pricing starting at $99,000. [Additional information]


Isilon Intros Isilon IQ 1440 and 2250 Clustered Storage Systems

Isilon Systems has announced the addition of two new solutions to its Isilon IQ digital content storage line.

The Isilon IQ 1440 and Isilon IQ 2250 were unveiled at this week's Storage Networking World Spring 2004 show in Phoenix, Ariz. The new systems double the total aggregate throughput of Isilon's previous generation of products, delivering more than 20 Gbps of total throughput from a single file system and providing modular building blocks that create scalable, fully distributed storage clusters.

"Isilon is taking a very interesting approach to storage by combining high performance and capacity with management simplicity, eliminating the complexities of growing terabytes of digital content," says Jamie Gruener, senior analyst, the Yankee Group. "The new Isilon IQ platform separates intra-cluster communication from that on the network, which is a great advantage and a no-brainer for customers."

Isilon IQ 1440 and IQ 2250

Isilon IQ 2250

"Companies should look at industry-standard building blocks for deploying and managing storage, such as modularity, common management, high availability and a simplified architecture in a grid storage-like architecture, which is exactly what Isilon IQ delivers," continues Gruener.

The Isilon IQ 1440 contains 1.44 terabytes of capacity in each node and, according to the Seattle, Wash.-based company, is best suited for applications that require the highest total throughput. The Isilon IQ 2250 contains 2.25 terabytes of capacity in each node and is designed for applications that require maximum storage capacity and lower acquisition cost per terabyte.

"Our new Isilon IQ 1440 and 2250 products extend Isilon's leadership position by providing customers additional business benefits and accelerated return on their investments," states Sujal Patel, Isilon founder and chief technology officer. "Customers are telling us that Isilon IQ 1440 and 2250 deliver benefits they just can't achieve from other storage technologies."

The Isilon IQ 1440 and 2250 solutions will be available this month, with base pricing starting at $49,950 for a complete system, including all software and hardware. Additional information is available on Isilon's web site.


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