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Implementing a comprehensive approach to storage resource management
A comprehensive approach to storage resource management starts with obtaining the right physical resources to attach to a company's network and ends with reports that tell a company how these resources are being utilized. In between, says LaPlante, companies must manage performance -- and control what goes on so that they can assure continuous availability and reliability.

The key tasks, says LaPlante, in storage resource management are:

* Provisioning: how do you obtain and offer storage resources to the network?

* Control: How do you manage the content, volume, and manner of use of the resource?

* Performance Management: How do you monitor the performance and availability and ensure that an appropriate standard is maintained?

* Protection: How do you secure your data and documents against loss, and how do you maintain them cost effectively over time?

* Reporting and Cost Allocation: How do you provide users, management, and accounting with information they need to make intelligent decisions about the use of storage resources? And, how do you match costs with the usage?

In the storage business since 1994
According to LaPlante, NTP Software's experience with storage management goes back to 1994, when it developed the first quota management technology along side Microsoft Corporation. Over the past 8 years, says LaPlante, NTP Software has continued to be the leader in developing storage management technologies that provide an immediate ROI to end-user organizations throughout the world. In addition, he concluded, NTP Software has a wide variety of pricing and licensing options for its products and services.

As the demand for information access sky rockets, and the realization that information is a primary asset for most businesses increases, the need for developing methods of accessing, managing, and delivering that information continues to be an integral part of every company's infrastructure.

Company Information:
NTP Software
1750 Elm Street
Suite 110
Manchester, NH 03104-2906

Toll Free Product Information: 800-226-2755
Outside the US: 603-641-6937
Fax: 603-641-6934
Business Phone: 603-622-4400

Stock Information:
Privately held company

Number of Employees:

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