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Storage network technology addresses the growth in data and information by providing an architectural framework around which companies can deploy storage in the manner best suited for their needs. In addition, businesses today are looking to leverage their existing infrastructures while increasing their return on investment by utilizing technology that is best suited to the applications, network architectures, and server systems deployed.

NTP Software of Manchester, NH is a privately held commercial server applications development and services company that provides enterprise products for network storage management. NTP works with companies around the world including the Fortune 1000, federal and local government agencies, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and small to mid-size companies.

Enterprise storage reporting: an important task for IT departments
According to Ryan LaPlante, vice president of NTP Software's technical services, enterprise storage reporting has become one of the most important tasks for IT departments. NTP Software's StorageReporterT product is a web-based reporting application that has the ability to generate reports that show server, volume, user, and application information that relates to a company's enterprise storage environment. It also provides users with advanced trend analysis and cost allocation automation. In addition, says LaPlante, StorageReporter was designed to integrate into a company's current or future enterprise portal technology. "The product's technology is built on the advanced feature sets of Microsoft's .net platform," says LaPlante. StorageReporter (which came to market in June of 2001), says LaPlante, captures the information companies want to capture, thus providing them with reports that are the way they want to see them, when they want them, and how they want to view them.

Preserving your storage performance and contents
Preserving a company's storage performance and contents, says LaPlante, is critical to the survival of a business. However in spite of this many institutions do little more to maintain their investment than write backup tapes by rote. "In today's world, many organizations are looking to create appropriate cost allocation systems that will allow them to charge the appropriate departments, applications, or business units for storage use," says LaPlante. In addition, he continued, even more organizations are trying to find ways to manage storage without requiring unnecessary manual intervention from the IT staff. Our Self-Managing Storage product accomplishes both of these important tasks"

The benefits of self-managing storage
According to LaPlante, NTP Software Professional Services staff works with a company's IT staff and business unit managers to consult on and design the right storage automation policies for their particular environment. With NTP's Self-Managing Storage solution, for example, intranet experiences can be created which help end-users, business managers, and others to participate actively in storage resource management. These intranet sites, says LaPlante, typically provide information on a company's storage policies, as well as options for the users, business managers, and application managers so that they can manage their own storage requirements under the control of the company's storage policies. It also, according to LaPlante, allows for the integration of a workflow process order designed to automate the entire storage allocation process including the design and/or integration of a charge back system.

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