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Considering a big data storage architecture for your business? Get practical advice from Enterprise Storage Forum, the top resource for enterprise IT storage professionals. We can help you make the business case for big data storage, identify the major vendors, and evaluate the specific solutions that meet your business needs. Use this page to access free research, vendor comparisons, product reviews, and more. To get started, simply fill out the quick registration form by clicking the "Sign Up" button to the right.

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Case Studies & Analysis

How and why IT managers are implementing cloud backup solutions.
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Vendor Landscape & Buying Guides

High-level overview of leading cloud backup vendors.
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  • Product Roundup: Big Data Storage

    Get up to date on the latest big data storage technologies from EMC, Panasas, IBM, HP, Hitachi, SGI, Crossroads, Gridstore, Sanbolic, Nexenta, Red Hat, DataDirect, ...more

Product Comparison Chart

Compare essential features across multiple products.
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RFI and RFP Templates

Ready-to-use template for your Cloud Backup RFP, incorporating industry best practices.
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  • Big Data Storage: RFI Template

    Get a head start on your big data storage project by using this RFI template to contact prospective vendors. Use this template to outline your ...more

  • Big Data Storage: RFP Template

    Save time and money with this RFP template that helps you outline the project overview, instructions for vendors, desired architecture, and requirements for data migration ...more