Dedupe Demand Not Waning Anytime Soon

Data Domain, Falconstor earnings herald why data reduction is taking hold.
Storage Networking Product Roadmaps Gone Bad

[April 2, 2010] How to spot signs that an IT vendor might not execute on its product strategy.

Top 10 Data Storage Technologies That Could Disappear

[February 26, 2010] Instead of predicting which technologies will take over the data center, we give you the ones most likely destined for the scrap heap of history.

Does Fragmentation Hurt Storage Network Performance?

[October 19, 2009] SAN vendors say fragmentation isn't a problem with their systems, but a few point fingers at Windows.

Troubleshooting SAN Problems

[October 2, 2009] A large financial institution turned to Virtual Instruments' NetWisdom to solve problems in its EMC, Cisco and Brocade SAN environment.

How Experience Helped EMC Win Data Domain

[July 15, 2009] EMC's long experience in acquisitions helped it win the hand of Data Domain — and it will help the data storage giant with what comes next.

Brother, Can You Spare a Petabyte?

[May 1, 2009] Even in tough times, there's more to data storage purchasing decisions than saving money.

EMC Sets Its Sights on Automated Data Management

[April 3, 2009] EMC wants to be enterprises' one-stop shop for data management, but the company's vision doesn't end with storage.

Sun Turns Object Storage Over to OpenSolaris

[February 27, 2009] Sun Microsystems is turning over object-based storage development for its SAM-QFS file system to the OpenSolaris community in a move away from a standard that advocates see as the future of data storage technology.

Storage Admins Cope With Budget Cutbacks

[February 26, 2009] With both budgets and staff getting cut, storage managers are finding they need to justify everything they spend while saving as much as they can on data storage costs. The results can be painful for vendors, too.

File System Management Is Headed for Trouble

[February 24, 2009] The POSIX file system interface isn't up to the task of managing today's data, resulting in costly fixes for users to solve problems like data integrity and regulatory compliance. It doesn't have to be that way.

Storage Vendors, Users Cope With Tough Economy

[December 19, 2008] Storage remains a priority for end users, but in some cases budgets have been cut and vendors are more willing to deal.

How to Protect SharePoint Data

[November 25, 2008] For enterprises that rely on Sharepoint, Microsoft's popular collaboration platform, and want the most reliable backup and restore solution, a third-party utility is probably their best bet.

Data Center Automation: Coming Sooner Than You Think

[November 24, 2008] One analyst thinks data center automation will be here within five years, which means you better start planning for it now.

Storage Virtualization: Good News for Consultants

[November 21, 2008] Storage virtualization has some limitations that could make it ill-suited for high-performance environments.

Making the Most of Storage Budgets

[November 14, 2008] There are a number of steps storage managers can take to make the most of their storage resources in tough times.

File Virtualization's Last Independent Sees Opportunity

[August 28, 2007] Attune is taking advantage of its close ties to Microsoft — and its independent status — to woo and wow customers.

Discovering the Virtues of Networked Storage

[February 28, 2007] Scott County, Minnesota, moved from direct-attached storage to a virtualized, networked IT environment, and the county is just beginning to discover what its new infrastructure can do.

What Storage Costs

[January 26, 2007] It's more than you might think, according to one federal agency turned storage service provider.

Getting Your Storage Needs Met

[January 5, 2007] Be it dedicated storage teams, trained personnel or having the right tools, there are a number of ways to get the storage management help your organization needs.

Casino Bets on CommVault

[December 27, 2006] An Atlantic City resort depends on CommVault to manage its Microsoft SQL Server and Exchange data.

Coping With Storage Management

[October 25, 2006] Dedicated storage teams aren't for everyone, so what are some steps companies can take to make storage management easier?

EMC Ties It All Together

[October 13, 2006] There's a method to EMC's merger madness: The storage giant wants to virtualize just about everything.

Tackling Remote Challenges

[September 7, 2006] Remote offices are one of the biggest challenges facing IT departments, and the solution may be to combine centralized and distributed approaches.

Taking Storage Risks

[August 21, 2006] Sometimes it makes sense to gamble on new storage technologies, but there are ways to minimize your risks.

Moving Data Out of Silos

[August 17, 2006] Do you have one application for e-mail, another for files system and another for databases? Read how a Georgia-based software firm takes a universal approach to classifying data, so you can stop pigeonholing it.

Working with Vendors

[August 2, 2006] Storage users share their tips for getting the most from vendor relationships.

Storage, IT Converge

[July 7, 2006] The lines appear to be blurring between storage and general IT, and a number of vendors plan to capitalize on the trend.

Records Management Across the Universe

[July 3, 2006] Vast stores of data not only pose a technological challenge, they can hamper effective records retention. Stellent keeps tabs on it all, no matter where in the organization it resides.

Simplifying Storage with SRM

[May 19, 2006] Enterprises find that storage resource management software can ease storage burdens.

ILM Drives Storage Software Sales

[May 10, 2006] Information lifecycle management technology is spurring the storage management software market to double-digit growth. Even SMBs are getting in on the act.

Managing Storage Software

[April 18, 2006] Storage management affects everything from devices to ILM and regulatory compliance, giving users much to think about when shopping for management software.

Easier Storage Management: Are We There Yet?

[April 13, 2006] If one standard for storage management makes life more simple, would several make it a breeze? That's the question circulating in the storage industry now that SMI-S has been joined by Aperi and other emerging standards.

Management Software Catches On

[March 22, 2006] Acronyms like HSM, ILM and SRM are keeping the storage management software market hot.

Waiting for Metadata Standards

[March 10, 2006] Information lifecycle management (ILM) will remain difficult until metadata standards are adopted, but storage users have some options in the meantime.

ILM and Databases: No Easy Choices

[January 27, 2006] Users trying to combine information lifecycle management with databases face some difficult decisions.

Storage Teams Grow in Popularity

[January 9, 2006] The use of storage teams has grown dramatically in recent years, but some wonder if they're always necessary.

Storage Management Still a Pain

[December 22, 2005] SNIA revisits its storage management survey of end users and finds that the problems haven't gone away.

Storage Budgeting Tips

[November 23, 2005] When budgeting for storage, focus on getting your requirements met.

Storage Virtualization Spurs Debate

[November 11, 2005] The hubbub over how storage virtualization should be done might cause storage users to miss the big picture.

ICM: Paving the Way for ILM

[November 10, 2005] Information classification and management is an emerging technology that proponents say could be the the bridge that carries storage users to file-level ILM in the real world.

Storage Change Leads to Big Headaches

[September 9, 2005] Growing storage burdens and the emergence of new ways to handle them are creating a need for new management tools.

Managing Data for a Lifetime, Part 2

[July 18, 2005] We peer into our crystal ball and imagine a solution to the problem of long-term data retention.

Managing Data for a Lifetime

[July 14, 2005] Implementing data lifecycle management can be a difficult and complex task. In the first of a two-part series, we look at the limitations of current technologies for managing data over the long haul.

Convincing Management to Buy Storage

[June 15, 2005] Single-minded focus on the bottom line can help your storage approvals process meet with success.

Storage Outlook: The Future of Storage Management

[March 25, 2005] Whether you call it provisioning, utility computing or virtualization, storage management is changing.

Virtualization: What's In It For You?

[March 16, 2005] If done right, storage virtualization can save you time and money, but it's not always the best solution. We look at some issues to consider before you take the plunge.

Remote Storage Monitoring Services Come of Age

[March 10, 2005] The need to manage far-flung storage environments is driving a new storage services model.

Storage Pricing: Let's Make A Deal

[March 3, 2005] A not so well-kept secret in the storage industry is that the list price is usually just a starting point.

Storage and Records Managers Find Common Ground

[February 22, 2005] The once segregated activities of records managers and storage managers seem to be coming together, thanks to the efforts of two organizations.

In Search of Interoperability Nirvana

[February 18, 2005] Despite vendor hype and evolving standards, storage management remains a pain, but there is hope.

Object-based NAS Architectures Eliminate Disk Bottlenecks

[February 11, 2005] Expanding storage without hurting application performance? It's possible with an object-based storage architecture.

Users Must Help Ease Storage Pain

[February 10, 2005] If users won't pay for management tools, vendors won't develop them. A look at why standards may not cure storage management ills.

Managing Storage Growth, Part 3: When To Outsource

[January 26, 2005] In the final part of our series on managing storage growth, we look at when to outsource and the emergence of low-cost and targeted storage.

Managing Storage Growth, Part 2: Avoiding Vendor Lock-in

[January 11, 2005] A little planning can help you avoid vendor lock-in and rushed product decisions.

Managing Storage Growth Tops User Challenges

[November 10, 2004] In the first part of a series on challenges facing storage end users, we examine ways to improve storage utilization and reduce total cost of ownership.

Easing the Storage Management Burden

[October 15, 2004] The future of enterprise storage depends on open architectures and standards, as capacities skyrocket and effective management is undermined by complex, proprietary technologies.

The ABCs of Storage Management, Part II

[October 4, 2004] Does virtualization improve utilization of storage resources? That's just one of the issues we address in our continuing survey of the storage management landscape.

The ABCs of Storage Management

[September 9, 2004] Be it SRM or SMI-S, you can bet the future of storage management will hold one thing: acronyms. We peer into the storage management crystal ball.

Getting Back in Charge of Storage Purchasing

[July 29, 2004] Navigate the storage purchasing maze while staying in control, keeping your cool and getting exactly what your company needs.

What Does SMI-S Certification Mean for End Users?

[July 28, 2004] We discuss SNIA's new SMI-s Conformance Testing Program with Julie Ryan, Engenio's manager of alliances.

Virtual Storage Equals Real Confusion

[July 1, 2004] Commentary: Storage virtualization is still in its infancy compared to its rich, mature potential. The goal of a ubiquitous, vendor-neutral storage utility will take more years of evolution of both the storage networking infrastructure and virtualization technology.

Understanding Storage Requirements

[June 8, 2004] Henry Newman advises readers to understand their storage needs and budget before setting out to find a solution.

Storage Management: The Compliance Effect, Part 2

[October 29, 2003] Our focus on the storage industry's 'compliance effect' continues with an examination of how compliance issues are likely to evolve over the next five years, what organizations can do now to get the ball rolling, and what current and emerging storage technologies might make satisfying regulatory requirements easier in the future.

Storage Management: The Compliance Effect, Part 1

[October 15, 2003] Today's storage managers not only face the day-to-day issues that have come to be expected, they now have to fulfill data permanence and retention regulations, address potential liability issues, satisfy security requirements, simplify compliance management, improve information access, and cut overall costs -- all in a day's work.

A Dashboard Approach to Storage Management

[August 5, 2003] The Storage Management Essentials series continues with an examination of the factors to consider when selecting a console for effectively managing increasingly complex and ever-growing networked storage environments.

The Hidden Costs of Unmanaged Storage, Part 2

[July 24, 2003] An IT department that understands the hidden costs of unmanaged storage will most likely end up with a lower storage TCO. Explore the composition and drivers of storage costs and learn how your enterprise can avoid hidden storage costs in part two of our series.

The Hidden Costs of Unmanaged Storage

[July 7, 2003] A widely held belief in the storage industry is that unmanaged storage is easier and less expensive to acquire than managed storage. As Leslie Wood reports, though, the hidden costs associated with unmanaged storage actually make the total cost of ownership much higher than originally thought.

Too Much of a Good Thing: Managing Information Overload in Storage Management

[June 23, 2003] Drew Robb kicks off the Storage Management Essentials series with a look at tools designed to keep administrators from getting swept up in a flood of event alerts and instead allow them to devote their resources to the events that truly matter.

Can Storage Resource Management Solve Your Storage Needs?

[April 17, 2003] Storage resource management (SRM) is called 'top-to-bottom integration,' able to monitor and report on storage. But when it comes to SRM, the storage industry seems to be way ahead of storage customers. How are we going to close this gap? Leslie Wood explains.


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