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The Storage Case Studies series presents in-depth looks at how enterprises of various types have tackled and conquered specific storage challenges.
Price Still Outweighs Performance in SSD Equation

[September 10, 2010] The performance benefits associated with solid state disks (SSDs) are clear, but price still remains a sticking point for some enterprise storage users.

Compellent Storage Network Helps Rudolph Tech Grow

[March 16, 2010] Rudolph Technologies was looking for a storage network to keep up with its rapid growth. A Compellent SAN provided the answer.

Troubleshooting SAN Problems

[October 2, 2009] A large financial institution turned to Virtual Instruments' NetWisdom to solve problems in its EMC, Cisco and Brocade SAN environment.

EMC Keeps Israel's Power Grid Up and Running

[June 11, 2009] The Israel Electric Corp. turned to EMC to keep its VMware environment running in case of a disaster.

HP's Hybrid Approach to Disaster Recovery

[May 29, 2009] HP and other data storage vendors are helping users replicate to different storage product families to save on disaster recovery costs.

Saving Big Money With Open Source Storage

[February 5, 2009] One company turned to iSCSI, OpenSolaris and Linux, commodity hardware and even solid state drives to control data storage costs.

Big Blue Eyes Are Watching You

[January 29, 2009] To manage the data produced by one of the world's most ambitious video surveillance projects, the city of Chicago turned to IBM.

Facebook Friends Storage Vendors

[January 21, 2009] The top social networking site works with a formidable list of data storage vendors — and is working on some home-grown solutions too.

One Happy Backup Customer

[December 30, 2008] One small business had its backup problem solved, thanks to Yosemite Technologies.

Meeting Compliance Demands with IP Storage

[December 4, 2008] A California medical facility has improved its regulatory compliance and e-discovery efforts with help from iSCSI and data encryption.

Sepaton Makes Virtual Backup a Reality

[August 1, 2008] Employment services firm Sterling Infosystems turned to Sepaton for help backing up its virtualized server environment.

NEC's HYDRAstor Gets High Marks from Nonprofit

[April 15, 2008] NEC's grid architecture helps the Anderson Center for Autism and others scale performance and storage as needed while eliminating duplicate data.

EMC Helps Banish Babe Ruth's Ghost

[March 5, 2008] Data storage technology gives the world champion Boston Red Sox a competitive edge.

Onaro Keeps Healthcare Group's Storage Up and Running

[November 20, 2007] To manage storage for thousands of users, CareGroup Healthcare Systems turned to Onaro.

Getting a Handle on Medical Images

[August 16, 2007] It took the combined efforts of Kazeon and NetApp to help Bartron Medical Imaging store and manage thousands of 10GB images.

Fortune 500 Firm Ditches Fibre Channel for iSCSI

[July 19, 2007] When it came time to boost performance and capacity, Adecco abandoned its Fibre Channel SAN for a 120TB LeftHand iSCSI SAN.

Healthcare Firm Makes Sense of E-mail with Mimosa

[June 20, 2007] Virtua Health turned to Mimosa to get on top of regulations like HIPAA and FRCP.

Online Bookseller Gets Up To Par With 3PAR

[June 14, 2007] Alibris needed a new storage infrastructure to keep up with growth, and 3PAR came through.

eHarmony Finds IP Storage Love

[May 31, 2007] The online dating site manages more than 100 terabytes of data with more than a little help from NAS and iSCSI.

RedEnvelope Relies on Pillar

[April 26, 2007] Pillar Data Systems helped the online retailer prepare for growth and save a bundle at the same time.

Fashion Firm Gets A Kick Out Of Crosswalk

[March 19, 2007] Tandy Brands got a handle on its data growth and ERP reporting with the help of Crosswalk's iGrid storage platform.

Valtus Grows with ONStor

[January 3, 2007] The energy imaging company turned to ONStor to meet its growing storage demands.

Pillar Writes Storage Prescription for Drug Company

[December 13, 2006] Pillar Data Systems helped Cubist Pharmaceuticals get a handle on its escalating storage costs.

Rydex Ditches DAS

[October 9, 2006] The investment firm solves its growing pains with a little help from HP.

The Wayback Machine: From Petabytes to PetaBoxes

[September 20, 2006] How the multi-petabyte Internet Archive project stores data.

Storage to Go

[September 8, 2006] Medical Informatics Engineering turned to Infortrend when it needed a reliable, low-cost storage subsystem for digital healthcare records.

Law Firm Saves with e-Discovery

[August 24, 2006] Clearwell's E-mail Intelligence Platform is saving clients of one law firm big bucks.

University Graduates to New Storage Architecture

[August 3, 2006] Salisbury University gets a handle on its fast-growing storage needs with help from EMC.

Virtual Tape Curbs xwave's Storage Appetite

[July 28, 2006] IT service provider xwave gets its storage under control with help from CA's virtual tape system.

ILM Goes Looney Tunes

[July 26, 2006] Bugs Bunny and company find a home on ILM at Warner Bros.

Picture-Perfect Storage

[July 24, 2006] MyPhotoAlbum.com drops its managed service for an in-house storage solution from ONStor.

Storage for the Stars

[July 5, 2006] NASA picks Pillar to get a handle on fast-growing solar system data.

WAFS Helps Company Avert Disaster

[June 30, 2006] When a fire disabled Fulcrum Pharma's new headquarters, the company's new wide area file system from Availl enabled business to continue as usual.

Healthcare Firm Meets Remote Challenges

[May 26, 2006] AHC solves its branch office replication and recovery problems with help from Compellent.

Xiotech Scores Big with Financial Firm

[May 17, 2006] Xiotech beat out a number of big-name rivals to make LarsonAllen a happy customer.

Storing the Earth, One Satellite Image at a Time

[May 4, 2006] DigitalGlobe supplies Google and other clients with satellite images of Earth, with help from ADIC's StorNext data management solution.

McData Supplies UNMH Storage Cure

[April 28, 2006] When University of New Mexico Hospitals decided to digitize its records, the healthcare network turned to McData.

Avid About Avid

[April 24, 2006] Entertainment company Laika is just wild about Avid Unity media storage.

KTI Gets Geophysical With Isilon

[March 16, 2006] The exploration firm gambles on an Isilon cluster and finds it's a gas.

Med School Resuscitates Storage

[February 22, 2006] After an ill-timed outage, the NYU School of Medicine turned to Compellent for a new SAN solution.

Insuring Against Backup Losses

[January 25, 2006] An insurance claims adjuster overhauls its backup and recovery process with help from Asigra.

Panasas Powers Stanford

[January 10, 2006] When Stanford University found that its network file system could no longer handle research workloads, it turned to Panasas.

Saving Lives with Storage

[December 14, 2005] Greenwich Hospital has always been on the cutting edge of technology, so when growth began to strain its storage capacity, it wasted no time in finding a system that could grow with it.

Tales from 'De Crypt'

[December 8, 2005] One healthcare and financial services company avoids becoming a data horror story by encrypting sensitive information.

Plaxo Prepares for Growth

[December 7, 2005] With an AOL deal promising five-fold growth, Plaxo decided it was time to try networked storage.

Building an Internal Storage Service Utility

[November 7, 2005] AOL has evolved a complex system of business unit chargebacks to keep storage costs in check and make each line of business accountable for the amount of storage resources it consumes.

Chevron Makes Seismic Storage Shift

[October 11, 2005] Chevron's massive storage environment helps keep the price at the pump down.

Financial Firm Finds Safety in Encryption

[September 15, 2005] CNL Financial Group didn't want to become another headline, so the company turned to Decru to encrypt its backup tapes.

SAN Scores Big With SMB User

[August 29, 2005] St. Mary's and All Angels School can be counted among the early SMB adopters of Fibre Channel SAN technology.

Priceline.com Bids on Utility Storage

[August 18, 2005] Priceline.com is reaping big savings with a utility storage solution from 3PAR.

University Graduates to Tiered Storage

[June 29, 2005] When it came to solving its data storage problems, the Haas School of Business at the University of California at Berkeley turned to an IP SAN.

Hospital Tackles Data Growth

[June 10, 2005] With data storage needs soaring 10-fold in five years, Baptist Memorial Health Care decided it was time to act.

Bank Gives TagmaStore Thumbs Up

[May 17, 2005] Pacific Capital Bancorp likes Hitachi's high-end storage platform.

Europe's Largest iSCSI SAN Keeps On Growing

[April 18, 2005] The need to consolidate and centralize a financial application service provider's servers led to the creation of Europe's largest iSCSI storage area network.

New Storage Infrastructure Leaves Room to Grow

[February 4, 2005] User Profile: When Cleveland-based Kichler Lighting found its new ERP application crawling along, it decided to give its data center a makeover — which included a new two-tiered storage architecture.

NASA Revamps Its Storage Environment

[December 27, 2004] The space agency overhauls a storage network to match its benchmark-smashing Columbia supercomputer.

Case Study: Improving Disaster Recovery Without Breaking the Bank

[May 10, 2004] FleetBoston Financial recently took on its disaster recovery time. Drew Robb reveals how they improved their system without breaking the bank.

Case Study: Maximizing Storage Value with IP SANs

[April 19, 2004] Faced with a crumbling IT infrastructure and slashed budgets, one wired municipality turned to IP SANs to keep critical systems up and running.

Case Study: Linux Can, Linux SAN

[February 18, 2004] Does Linux have what it takes to succeed as a storage networking platform? In the eyes of NuTec Energy, yes it does.

Case Study: The Stocks Must Go On

[January 15, 2004] Despite blackouts, disasters, and human error, financial systems must keep running. NYFIX met this challenge by migrating to enterprise-class backup systems.

Case Study: FICO Implements Tape SAN

[October 6, 2003] Data is FICO's business, plain and simple. When poor backup reliability posed a problem, smart planning and a storage overhaul were in order.

Case Study: Fair Isaac Steps Up to a Tape SAN

[May 7, 2003] Marty Foltyn details the project plan and process Fair Isaac Corporation recently employed in successfully implementing a tape SAN for backups.

Case Study: It's All Sun and SAN at The Weather Channel

[April 29, 2003] To improve its ability to rapidly adjust services to meet customer needs, The Weather Channel consolidated its mix of storage devices into a Storage Area Network with equipment from Hitachi Data Systems.

Case Study: Taming the Storage Jungle

[April 1, 2003] Client/server technology, low-cost disks, and capacity on various servers strewn across a network have created a virtual storage jungle. Here's how the Bank of Montreal addressed the challenge of consolidating and simplifying storage.

Case Study: New Storage Servers Help Internet Fr Deliver Fast and Reliable Web Hosting

[September 24, 2001] The implementation of network attached storage (NAS) servers has helped Internet Fr improve the speed and reliability of its web hosting services. With more than 10,000 professional sites hosted, the company is the leader in the web hosting business in France.


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