Security Spotlight Shines on SANs

In insecure times, security threats seem to be everywhere, and heightened security awareness is rampant. While SAN technology's rudimentary security managed to avoid scrutiny in its early days, it too is now coming under the security spotlight. What security threats exist today for storage area networks, and how can you protect your SANs from them?
How to Keep Enterprise Data Safe and Secure

[February 20, 2009] As storage vendors debate encryption key management, experts weigh in on steps you can take to protect your data now.

Storage Security Is More than Just Key Management

[January 16, 2009] It will take a whole lot of effort to get end-to-end data security, but it has to be done.

Storage Security Standards Heat Up

[April 24, 2008] As storage vendors struggle with security and encryption key management, standards groups hope to speed up the process.

Helping Storage Customers Feel Secure

[April 13, 2007] How Decru is helping customers like ISCorp encrypt and protect sensitive client data stored on tape and disk.

Data Breaches Keep Piling Up. Does Anyone Care?

[February 22, 2007] The numbers have grown staggering, yet complacency still seems commonplace. What will it take for storage users and vendors to give security the attention it deserves?

Deciphering the DeCrypti Code

[February 15, 2007] Four different standards groups are at work on storage security standards. Can they make it all work, and when will storage users see results?

Can Your Storage Be Trusted?

[December 29, 2006] The Trusted Computing Group is working to address critical storage security issues.

EMC Secures Its Future

[September 22, 2006] The storage giant's acquisition of RSA is the latest move in its ambition to become a general IT vendor.

Storage Vendors Grapple With Security

[June 7, 2006] As storage users begin to demand greater security, vendors and others wonder how much should be free and what should cost extra.

Storage Security Basics: Confidentiality and Integrity

[August 12, 2005] If you manage a storage network, it's your responsibility to ensure that data is secure regardless of its location. In the second part of our series on Storage Security, we help you devise a strategy.

Storage Security Back In The Spotlight

[April 5, 2005] With public concern over lost and compromised data growing, the time is right to take a closer look at storage security best practices.

Securing Storage a Sound Plan for Start-ups

[March 15, 2004] SANs are useful for connecting multiple devices and storing information, but they're also highly vulnerable to hackers. The good news? A slew of new companies are taking aim at the problem.

Storage Security: Getting Beyond M&M SANs

[February 25, 2004] Like the candy-coated treats, SANs are an irresistible lure to criminals that can't wait to get to the soft, sweet center.

Storage Basics: Securing iSCSI using IPSec

[January 27, 2004] IP-based SANs are attractive alternatives to their more expensive and complex Fibre Channel counterparts, but securing IP communications remains a significant concern. In our latest Storage Basics article, Mike Harwood examines how the IP Security Protocol (IPSec) can ensure the security of your iSCSI storage network's data.

Leaping Hurdles to Safeguard the SAN

[December 4, 2003] Managers who realize security is a huge problem at the corporate level don't always recognize just how insecure their storage networks really are. Drew Robb looks at the increasing prevalence of SAN insecurity and what IT managers can do to safeguard their storage assets.

Security: The Elephant in the Storage Management Room

[August 27, 2003] Storage security -- it's the two-ton elephant in the corner of the room that no one wants to mention, much less clean up after. But acknowledging the elephant's presence, and thereby taking the necessary steps to secure your enterprise's critical data, is imperative if your business is to survive, let alone thrive.

Securing Data Across SANs, WANs, and Shared File Systems

[August 6, 2003] The end-to-end security of corporate data is becoming an issue of increasing importance, yet the ideal of being able to secure data through every aspect of all systems within a heterogeneous environment remains years away. Henry Newman explores what currently works and what doesn't in the world of data security.

The Basics of SAN Security, Part II

[July 25, 2002] Completing his look at the basics of SAN security, John Vacca discusses the security of a Fibre Channel infrastructure and looks at some of the tools system administrators can use to enforce security policies.

The Basics of SAN Security, Part I

[July 23, 2002] With so much riding on your SAN, the security of your data should not be left to chance. In this, the first part of a two part tutorial on SAN security, John Vacca looks at some of the technologies and principles that you should consider when protecting your SAN.


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