Tape Alternatives Multiply

Disk may not be ready to replace tape entirely, but the options are growing.
Error Correction: An Urgent Need for Files

[December 3, 2009] The digital future will require a level of file and data integrity that doesn't exist today, but there are some possible solutions.

Why Cloud Storage Use Could Be Limited in Enterprises

[October 9, 2009] Bandwidth and data integrity issues could limit enterprise use of external storage clouds.

EMC Keeps Israel's Power Grid Up and Running

[June 11, 2009] The Israel Electric Corp. turned to EMC to keep its VMware environment running in case of a disaster.

HP's Hybrid Approach to Disaster Recovery

[May 29, 2009] HP and other data storage vendors are helping users replicate to different storage product families to save on disaster recovery costs.

Rocks Don't Need to Be Backed Up

[March 27, 2009] Commentary: What a 4,000-year-old Egyptian obelisk can teach us about data backup, archiving and preservation of our history — and why it's critical that we get started now.

An Open Source Backup Option

[December 29, 2008] Bacula just might be the enterprise-ready open source backup solution you've been looking for.

Disaster Recovery and Continuity for the Database Administrator, Part 2

[October 21, 2008] There are many ways to protect your critical database applications in event of an unplanned outage or disaster — and some of them may even help your company in other ways.

Disaster Recovery and Continuity for the Database Administrator

[October 3, 2008] In the first of a two-part series, we look at one of the most critical issues facing any organization: making sure database applications can be back up and running quickly in case of a disaster.

Data Corruption: Dedupe's Achilles Heel

[July 16, 2008] If you're thinking about purchasing a data de-duplication solution, you need to take a hard look at the issue of data corruption.

Finding a Disaster Recovery Solution That Won't Break the Bank

[July 8, 2008] As another hurricane season arrives, it's a good time to remember that an imperfect disaster recovery solution is better than none.

Backing Up on VMware

[January 18, 2007] VMware Consolidated Backup promises to make backup easier for virtual environments, but time will tell if it lives up to that promise.

De-Mystifying De-Duplication

[January 2, 2007] While the promise of de-duplication is red hot, the reception for the technology has been lukewarm.

Making Online Backup Work

[November 10, 2006] Small businesses have much to consider if they're going to make online backup work for them.

Restoring Data That Matters

[July 19, 2006] We've said it before and we'll say it again: backups are only as good as your ability to restore.

WAFS Helps Company Avert Disaster

[June 30, 2006] When a fire disabled Fulcrum Pharma's new headquarters, the company's new wide area file system from Availl enabled business to continue as usual.

Exchange Backup Vendors Proliferate

[June 14, 2006] Microsoft Exchange's commanding market share — and backup issues — have created fertile ground for storage vendors.

Healthcare Firm Meets Remote Challenges

[May 26, 2006] AHC solves its branch office replication and recovery problems with help from Compellent.

Riding Out the Storm

[May 11, 2006] A look at how a few storage users survived last year's devastating hurricane season — and what they plan to do differently this year.

New Names, Same Disaster Recovery Threat

[May 1, 2006] From Alberto through William, the 2006 hurricane season will soon begin. Is your business prepared?

Tape Wind Quality Improves, But...

[April 26, 2006] Vendors have made strides to address tape wind quality issues, but problems remain, not the least of which is what to do with all your old data tapes.

Going the Distance with Disaster Recovery

[April 10, 2006] Distance, both a blessing and the bane of disaster recovery sites, is no longer a factor thanks to a new breed of network appliance.

Topio Solves Long Distance Dilemmas

[January 18, 2006] Topio's asynchronous data replication helps ease cost and distance barriers to data protection.

Disaster Recovery Sites: How Far Away is Far Enough?

[September 30, 2005] The recent devastation from Gulf Coast hurricanes raises an important question for enterprises: How far away should your disaster recovery site be?

A New Beginning for Backup

[September 7, 2005] Storage vendors and analysts say continuous data protection technology is the future. So just what is CDP?

Testing Backup and Restore: Why It Matters

[August 25, 2005] Backup and restore lessons learned from a lost weekend.

Getting Backup Right

[August 19, 2005] In planning a backup architecture, one issue must come first.

Batten Down The Hatches

[July 26, 2005] It's that time of year again, when hurricane season prompts organizations to make sure that their disaster recovery plans are in order. A look at how one company responded to a close call.

Online Backup Services Catch On

[May 11, 2005] Backup tape troubles are opening the door for online backup services, and SMBs and branch offices are signing on.

Preparing For A Disaster, Part 2

[July 21, 2004] In the second part of our series on disaster preparedness, Henry Newman looks at replication in HSM systems and reveals the key to long-term archiving.

Preparing for a Disaster

[July 8, 2004] Henry Newman discusses replication and transport options for disk-based data recovery.

The Backup Conundrum: More Data in Less Time

[January 20, 2004] Backing up ever-growing amounts of data quickly and efficiently continues to pose a problem for many IT organizations. Leslie Wood explores some new alternatives designed to help you back up more data in less time.

Going the Distance for Disaster Recovery

[January 5, 2004] Tom Clark reveals how the combination of a hard new reality and emerging IP storage technologies is forcing a fundamental reexamination of disaster recovery strategies.


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