NAS and Shared File Systems

NAS may be cheaper, but sometimes the extra performance of a shared file system may be worth it.
SSDs, pNFS Will Test RAID Controller Design

[July 24, 2009] The storage world as we know it is about to change — and not all RAID vendors are ready.

File System Benchmarks Need to be Reformed

[June 5, 2009] File system benchmarks can be difficult to evaluate, creating tough choices for storage customers. We offer some tips on what to look for.

pNFS and the Future of File Systems

[December 24, 2008] Could parallel NFS spell the end of proprietary file systems?

What Is Web 2.0 Storage?

[July 18, 2008] Everyone's talking about storage systems designed to meet the exploding data needs of Web 2.0 companies, but what will these systems look like, and what kind of data requires such a system?

The Future of NFS Arrives

[March 27, 2008] NFSv4.1 and Parallel NFS will finally bring the 24-year-old protocol into the high-speed networking age.

NAS Offers a Gateway to the SAN World

[June 15, 2007] NAS gateways help make the most of SANs and LANs.

Creating an Architecture for Streaming Data

[September 29, 2006] Unless you're creating and editing high-resolution video, NAS might be all you need.

Choosing the Right NAS

[September 22, 2005] There is much to consider when buying network-attached storage (NAS). Henry Newman looks at the steps you need to take to get a system that's right for you.

Shared File Systems, Part 2: Why Pay More?

[May 2, 2005] Sometimes performance needs require that you skip network-attached storage and pay up for Fibre Channel-based shared file systems.

Shared File Systems: Why Pay More?

[April 8, 2005] Shared file systems cost more than NAS, but sometimes it makes sense to pay up for greater performance.


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