Cleversafe Out With Dispersed Storage Network

Vendor adds to its open source base with its first appliances to build out a global storage network.
Hadoop Makes Sense of Lots of Data

[June 28, 2010] Hadoop provides a framework for storing and analyzing petabytes of data. Should EMC and Oracle be worried?

Open Source Deduplication: Ready for Enterprises?

[May 13, 2010] Several open source storage vendors have incorporated data deduplication into their solutions, with positive results and low price tags. Are they a match for proprietary solutions?

Buttering Up Linux File Systems

[August 5, 2009] Linux BTRFS is coming — so what's the big deal?

Configure Bacula for Open Source Backups

[June 25, 2009] Bacula is a popular and robust open source backup solution. Learn the basics of Bacula configuration with our simple guide.

Achieving Robust Clustered Storage with Linux and GFS

[June 24, 2009] Clustered file systems can give your storage environment greater resilience. Using Linux GFS, we show you an example.

Get Your Free Networked Storage

[June 12, 2009] With cross-platform compatibility, a plethora of features and a hard-to-beat price tag, Openfiler is giving enterprises an attractive alternative to proprietary network storage operating systems.

Sun Adds Solid State Drive Management to ZFS

[June 1, 2009] The latest version of Sun's open source ZFS file system includes automated management of SSDs. And OpenSolaris gets new networking and virtualization features.

The State of Open Source Storage

[May 13, 2009] With commercial implementations and community projects on the rise, analysts nonetheless see barriers to widespread enterprise adoption of open source data storage technologies.

Saving Big Money With Open Source Storage

[February 5, 2009] One company turned to iSCSI, OpenSolaris and Linux, commodity hardware and even solid state drives to control data storage costs.

An Open Source Backup Option

[December 29, 2008] Bacula just might be the enterprise-ready open source backup solution you've been looking for.

Linux File Systems: Ready for the Future?

[May 29, 2008] Despite the outcry from the open source faithful, Linux file systems will require some changes to handle the 100 TB environments that will become commonplace in the not too distant future.

Linux File Systems: You Get What You Pay For

[May 9, 2008] Linux file systems have a number of limitations that make them a poor choice for large and high-performance computing environments.

Sun Pushes Open Source Storage

[May 1, 2008] But analysts say the storage market remains a tough sell for open source technologies.

Atempo Goes Hollywood

[October 20, 2005] Entertainment marketing firm the Cimarron Group chose Atempo to back up its multimedia files.

Opening Up Clustered File Systems

[October 14, 2005] Red Hat and Oracle have open sourced their clustered file systems. What does that mean for storage users, and will others follow?

Build a Linux Software RAID from Scratch

[August 11, 2005] Part Two: Yesterday we considered Linux software RAID's advantages, today we show you how to do it.

RAID: Faster and Cheaper with Linux

[August 10, 2005] Part One: Software RAID isn't the final word in data protection, but it can give your network's servers an extra ounce of prevention. Here's how to implement it in Linux.

Open Source iSCSI Gains Traction

[July 29, 2005] The recent merger of two key open source iSCSI initiator projects could be the spark that ignites Linux iSCSI.

Linux's Growing Role in Storage

[May 5, 2005] How much of an inroad has Linux made into the the storage market? The answer depends on who you talk to.


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