Symantec Pitching Big Savings with Storage

Symantec has unveiled new storage management functions that could save users a bundle on hardware costs.
One Happy Backup Customer

[December 30, 2008] One small business had its backup problem solved, thanks to Yosemite Technologies.

Enterprise Storage Comes Home

[June 12, 2008] RAID, NAS and sophisticated backup schemes have moved from enterprises into homes. So which high-end storage technologies could be next to work their way into the family den?

Online Backup Providers Opt For Disk Over Tape

[January 10, 2008] In what could be a sign of things to come for the storage market, online backup providers overwhelmingly favor disk over tape.

Breaking Into the Storage Market

[May 2, 2007] How startups break into a market dominated by a few giants.

Doing the Storage Limbo

[January 12, 2007] There are a number of storage systems out there that just might be easy and cheap enough for the smallest of businesses.

Making Online Backup Work

[November 10, 2006] Small businesses have much to consider if they're going to make online backup work for them.

FC SANs: Not For SMBs

[March 30, 2006] Vendors have made strides developing Fibre Channel solutions for small businesses, but there are a number of reasons why SMBs may want to stick with IP-based storage.

The Return of Dot-Com Storage

[March 27, 2006] What does the arrival of Amazon and Google mean for the world of storage?

Small Businesses Present Big Storage Challenge

[March 23, 2006] Small and mid-sized businesses have much different storage needs than their enterprise counterparts, forcing vendors to overhaul their offerings to tap this fast-growing market.

EMC Thinks Small

[February 6, 2006] EMC rolls out a new line of storage products aimed at small and mid-sized businesses.

Storage Budgeting Tips

[November 23, 2005] When budgeting for storage, focus on getting your requirements met.

Making Fibre Channel SMB-Friendly

[August 4, 2004] After years of making Fibre Channel technology more and more complicated for enterprise storage administrators who wanted to be able to tweak everything, the storage industry finds itself going in the opposite direction as it begins to push Fibre Channel for small and medium businesses (SMBs).

Are Big Storage Solutions Right for Small Businesses?

[May 17, 2004] Data performance, storage capacity, and disaster recover requirements are important factors for any small business network. While it can be difficult to determine which storage solution to go with, odds are pretty good that an inexpensive storage device will suffice.


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