Storage Power and Cooling Issues Heat Up

Storage takes up much of the energy in data centers, and users are asking for some relief.
Saving Money with Green Data Storage Technology

[July 21, 2009] Energy avoidance may be a good place to start, but energy efficiency should be the goal for your data center.

Closing the Green Storage Gap

[August 28, 2008] IT vendors are preaching 'green' technology, while users are focused on the other green — the bottom line. But the two sides are a lot closer than they realize.

Storage Without the Spin

[May 16, 2008] Pliant believes its new EFD solid state technology will change the way enterprises store data.

PACE Yourself to Meet Storage Power and Cooling Needs

[July 26, 2007] Balancing performance, availability, capacity and energy (PACE) is critical for meeting storage needs while staying within your energy budget.

Greening Your Storage Is a Cool Move

[July 12, 2007] The focus on energy efficiency is turning to the next data center component ripe for the greening — your storage infrastructure.

Storage Power and Cooling Issues Heat Up

[May 21, 2007] Why power and cooling have become some of the hottest issues in IT.

Keeping Storage Cool

[November 21, 2006] New technologies such as liquid cooling hold promise for densely packed data centers.

Storage Turns Power Hungry

[October 20, 2006] The growing demand for storage capacity has brought with it power and cooling issues.


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