Storage As A Service Catches On

With EMC, IBM, Dell and Google moving into online backup and e-mail archiving, the storage services market may have finally arrived.

Can Cloud Computing Replace Your Storage Network?

[February 19, 2010] Enterprises don't seem to be in much of a hurry to turn to the cloud to meet their storage networking needs, presenting a big obstacle for cloud storage providers.

EMC Adds Some Thunder to the Cloud

[May 18, 2009] At EMC World, the data storage giant and AT&T offer proof that the cloud is ready for enterprises, but analysts and users may still need some convincing.

Enterprise Storage Comes Home

[June 12, 2008] RAID, NAS and sophisticated backup schemes have moved from enterprises into homes. So which high-end storage technologies could be next to work their way into the family den?

Making Sure Your Data is Safe with SaaS

[April 30, 2008] Software as a Service is all the rage, but you need to know a few things before turning your data over to a third-party service provider.

HP Upline Suffers Downtime

[April 21, 2008] HP's new online backup service is off to a rough start. Update: HP says service back later this week.

Google Gets Storage Pricing Out of the Clouds

[April 14, 2008] Most online e-mail archive providers charge by the byte, but Google goes subscription.

Symantec Enters Online Storage Biz

[February 19, 2008] The data security company targets small and mid-sized businesses with two online storage services and also revs up its Backup Exec line for Windows 2008.

Storage Vendors Get SaaSy

[February 12, 2008] In a sign of just how hot online storage services have become, Dell is acquiring MessageOne and Atempo is scooping up Lighthouse Global Technologies.

Google Takes Aim At E-Mail

[February 6, 2008] Google is harnessing its Postini acquisition to offer e-mail security, archiving and e-discovery services.

Nirvanix Makes Online Storage A Snap

[February 1, 2008] Nirvanix hopes to give Amazon S3 a run for its money with an easy-to-use development environment.

EMC Does Storage as a Service

[January 22, 2008] EMC's first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering is a hosted backup service based on its Mozy acquisition.

All We Are Saying Is Give Tape a Chance

[January 16, 2008] Online backup vendors have got it all wrong by using disk instead of tape.

Online Backup Providers Opt For Disk Over Tape

[January 10, 2008] In what could be a sign of things to come for the storage market, online backup providers overwhelmingly favor disk over tape.

IBM Acquires Arsenal Digital

[December 6, 2007] In a sign that the online backup market is maturing, IBM buys in and Hitachi goes to Iceland for green data archiving. HDS also hints at some intriguing data mobility technology.

EMC Mozies Into Online Backup

[September 26, 2007] EMC will soon move into the online backup space with the acquisition of Mozy, according to sources.

Storage Service Providers Make a Comeback

[September 17, 2007] Many SSPs didn't live up to their own hype the first time around, but now it appears that they may be here to stay.

Imation Moves Backup Online

[June 18, 2007] The storage media specialist launches a new online backup service aimed at SMBs.

Making Online Backup Work

[November 10, 2006] Small businesses have much to consider if they're going to make online backup work for them.

The Return of Dot-Com Storage

[March 27, 2006] What does the arrival of Amazon and Google mean for the world of storage?

Online Backup Services Catch On

[May 11, 2005] Backup tape troubles are opening the door for online backup services, and SMBs and branch offices are signing on.


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