Solid State Storage Catches On

High prices and a down economy haven't kept flash-based solid state drives from catching on with enterprise storage users.
How Cache Management Could Eat Your Lunch

[October 1, 2010] The latency of the Internet is greater than the latency of disk, so what's the point of Flash cache for Web devices?

EMC Sees SSDs, Ethernet Taking Over Data Storage

[April 30, 2010] EMC's Global Marketing CTO sees solid state drives, the cloud and Ethernet as the future of storage networking.

Nimbus Unveils Nifty Solid State Drive Storage Array

[April 26, 2010] Nimbus Data Systems has unveiled an all-SSD data storage array that the company claims is the first of its kind for enterprise storage.

Top 10 Cool Solid State Drive Implementations

[April 16, 2010] It's sure to provoke debate, but here are our nominations for the coolest SSD implementations.

Choosing the Right Solid State Drive for Your Storage Network

[March 25, 2010] Issues like wear leveling and your SAS or RAID controller will determine whether SSDs succeed in your storage networking environment.

Solid State Drive Reliability and Performance in Storage Networking

[February 12, 2010] There are many reliability and performance issues to consider before adding SSDs to your enterprise storage networking environment.

Micron Buys Phase Change Memory Maker Numonyx

[February 10, 2010] Micron's acquisition of Numonyx gives the memory firm a big stake in phase change memory (PCM) and NAND flash, two technologies that could change enterprise data storage.

Phase Change Memory: The Next Big Thing in Data Storage?

[February 3, 2010] Phase change memory could be the technology that moves the data storage industry from HDDs to solid state drives.

Solid State Drives in Enterprise Applications

[January 29, 2010] SSDs can improve database and file system performance, but there are a number of issues that need to be addressed to make the most of the pricey drives.

Solid State Drives Get Faster with TRIM

[January 27, 2010] The TRIM space-saving command will be in every SSD by mid-year, one analyst predicts.

Automated SSD Tiering: EMC's FAST Wasn't First

[January 8, 2010] Data storage vendors compete in the emerging market for automated tiered storage.

I/O Bottlenecks: Biggest Threat to Data Storage

[December 31, 2009] New technologies like phase change memory could make storage networks irrelevant unless the industry bands together to address I/O bottlenecks.

Solid State Drives Take Out the Garbage

[December 1, 2009] SSD makers have come up with a number of ways to maintain the high performance of the pricey drives.

SSD Makers Wrestle with Performance Degradation

[September 30, 2009] Solid state drives may be known for blistering performance, but that performance can degrade over time unless the SSD vendor has taken steps to prevent it.

What's Selling In the Data Storage Market?

[April 27, 2009] Storage hardware sales may be suffering, but customers are still opening their wallets for some data storage technologies.

Startup Claims Solid State Storage Breakthrough

[April 13, 2009] SandForce claims it has overcome the performance and reliability limitations of MLC-based flash data storage.

What Woz Sees in Solid State Storage

[March 26, 2009] Steve Wozniak's new gig at Fusion-io involves developing flash drives for everything from SANs to PC gaming.

Compellent Adds ILM to Solid State Drives

[March 24, 2009] The SAN vendor automatically migrates inactive data off pricey SSDs to less expensive disk.

STEC Rockets on Strong Flash Storage Sales

[March 13, 2009] Thanks to EMC and other top data storage vendors, STEC's solid state drive sales are 'through the roof.'

Sun Proposes New Solid State Storage Spec

[March 11, 2009] Sun Microsystems is proposing a new flash data storage form factor that could save users a ton of space in servers and storage arrays.

Woz Joins Solid State Storage Startup

[February 5, 2009] Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is the latest IT legend to recognize the promise of solid state storage technology.

Intel Sees Gold in Solid State Storage

[November 5, 2008] Solid state storage has become a big priority at Intel — enough to get Gordon Moore himself involved.

Sun Also Rises on SSDs

[June 4, 2008] Following on EMC's heels, the vendor plans to push solid state technology throughout its storage portfolio.

Storage Without the Spin

[May 16, 2008] Pliant believes its new EFD solid state technology will change the way enterprises store data.

Gearing Up For Solid State

[May 2, 2008] Flash-based solid state drives are beginning to show up in enterprise storage, and while promising for high-performance applications, they have some reliability issues that must be addressed.

Not Just a Flash in the Pan

[January 25, 2008] Solid state storage just might have what it takes this time around.

EMC Goes Solid State

[January 14, 2008] The storage giant adds solid state drives and thin provisioning to its high-end Symmetrix arrays.


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