Storage Connections: Standards and Certifications

Can Your Storage Be Trusted?

[December 29, 2006] The Trusted Computing Group is working to address critical storage security issues.

I/O Standards: What Went Wrong

[December 8, 2006] The weak link in the data path is the hodgepodge of groups responsible for different parts of the I/O stack.

Solving the I/O Problem

[October 11, 2006] Some proposed changes to POSIX standards could greatly improve file system performance.

Vendors Unite for Standard Interface

[March 8, 2006] Dell, EMC and others forge a group dedicated to defining storage hardware.

In Search of Interoperability Nirvana

[February 18, 2005] Despite vendor hype and evolving standards, storage management remains a pain, but there is hope.

What Does SMI-S Certification Mean for End Users?

[July 28, 2004] We discuss SNIA's new SMI-s Conformance Testing Program with Julie Ryan, Engenio's manager of alliances.

SNIA Aims to Make Storage Education Easier

[June 17, 2004] SNIA's new Education Continuum could remake storage education and certification and eventually lead to a storage networking degree.

Storage Connections Part II: Brocade Interoperability Testing

[March 20, 2002] In the second part of our series on 'Standards and Certifications' we take a look at Brocades's qualification programs for its fabric solutions for storage networks. These products alleviate the processing overhead on the server and offload backup and recovery traffic. Interoperability is essential.

Storage Connections: Standards and Certifications

[February 6, 2002] This article is the first in a series which will look at how accreditation programs like those available from Brocade, IBM, and EMC work, and at how they can be valuable. Before we start looking at the specific programs, however, a historical view of the storage arena and the related technologies will make it easier to understand how these certification programs came into being.


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