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Efficient Mechanisms to Ensure Business Continuity Planning

Some enterprises have simply taken the risk of losing data when storage is distributed. Why? Because providing backup and recovery for direct attached storage has been a difficult challenge for datacenter managers. Therefore, in order to consider the level of redundancy needed for different categories of enterprise data, you should consider consolidated SANs to provide that opportunity. Consolidated SANs also help reduce IT operational risk in proportion to the value of the information being stored.


Flexibility in Meeting Enterprise Storage Needs

SANs can be reconfigured quickly, and in order to meet shifting requirements, managers can reallocate consolidated storage. For example, this can be done by adding storage in response to seasonal increases in sales and reclaiming storage when a marketing campaign reaches its conclusion. New applications can be connected to multiple sources of data that reach across enterprise boundaries (engineering, inventory, sales, and customer care, for instance). Furthermore, datacenter managers will be more aggressive about improving the utilization of SANs as they realize that reallocation is a low-risk operation.


Higher Utilization of Enterprise-wide Business Integration of Storage Resources

In general, better enterprise-wide planning requires consolidated IT systems -- SAN subsystems in particular. Thus, enterprise planners in finance, marketing, and operations need access to unified data sets as quickly as possible, especially during business transitions such as mergers and acquisitions. Unified corporate information leads to more informed critical enterprise decisions in uncertain times.


Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

A lower TCO primarily comes from the ability to manage more storage with fewer people as well as a higher utilization of shared storage resources. In other words, the efficiencies of consolidated storage are similar to the economies of scale associated with consolidations of any kind.

So, given the benefits of self-managing SANs, what can you do with virtualization, and does it actually simplify SAN management? Let's take a look.

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