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Summary and Conclusions

Numerous market forces and cost-cutting trends have taken a heavy toll on the aility of IT staffs to keep pace with the explosive rate of storage growth management and infrastructure complexity. In addition to the proliferation of databases and unstructured data (such as multimedia and attachments), this storage growth has also arisen from increased reliance on the Internet to conduct mission critical e-commerce.

In order to reign in storage costs, improve data protection, and simplify storage management, customers in every industry have been seeking solutions that maximize efficiency in managing and protecting data while simultaneously cutting costs and waste. The adoption rate of SANs for addressing these challenges has never been greater than it is right now, and despite several issues for improvement in the sector, SANs have proven to be excellent vehicles for solving these challenges.

John Vacca is an information technology consultant and internationally known author based in Pomeroy, Ohio. Since 1982, John has authored 39 books and more than 485 articles in the areas of advanced storage, computer security and aerospace technology. John was also a configuration management specialist, computer specialist, and the computer security official for NASA's space station program (Freedom) and the International Space Station Program, from 1988 until his early retirement from NASA in 1995. John was also one of the security consultants for the MGM movie titled : "AntiTrust," which was released on January 12, 2001. John can be reached on the Internet at jvacca@hti.net.


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