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Linking Enterprises and Cultures Across National Boundaries

SAN technology is also playing a critical role in linking enterprises across national boundaries, particularly for the sharing of storage data and storage assets over thousands of miles. While it was inconceivable to think of spanning continents for disaster recovery and remote tape vaulting a few years ago, today’s IP SAN technology can drive storage data virtually any distance. This makes it possible to replicate data between Asia and Europe or the U.S., and brings all regions of an extended enterprise into a comprehensive storage strategy.

The proliferation of technology worldwide is helping to dissolve national barriers in terms of intellectual property, skills, and technical infrastructures. Unlike globalization, which is often faulted for promoting mono-culture (McDonald's, KFC, Starbucks, etc.) and First World advantage, the spread of advanced technologies such as SANs becomes an enabler for more rapid and independent local economic development.

In countries that are undergoing unprecedented economic growth, such as China, new industries are being built on sophisticated IT infrastructures such as SANs that provide efficient data organization and lower cost of operation. This fulfills one of the key goals of technology acquisition and spreads the benefits of SANs across the globe.

Tom Clark
Director, SAN Technology, McDATA Corporation
Author: Designing Storage Area Networks Second Edition (2003) (available at Amazon.com), IP SANs (2002) (also available at Amazon.com).

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