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Adaptec HBA

PMC-Sierra has released a host bust adapter (HBA) for big data storage, known as the Adaptec 71605H Host Bus Adapter (or the Series 7H family). These PCIe HBAs offer high-performance I/O and low latency with broad device compatibility. They make use of PMC's PM8018 16x6G SAS protocol controller and support SAS and SATA interfaces. They can also connect up to 16 solid state drives or hard drives. The HBA is capable of executing over one million input/output operations per second (IOPS) with 6.6 GB/sec sustained throughput.

“One of the paramount use cases for HBAs in the data center environment is to connect a large number of drives for storage while complementing the growing need for higher density and lower cost,” said Zaki Hassan, director of product marketing for the enterprise storage division, PMC. “Series 7H HBAs provide 2x the number of ports over other commercially available solutions in market. These high port count, low profile HBAs make it possible for data centers to optimize storage connectivity while lowering cost.”

Attunity RepliWeb for Enterprise File Replication

Attunity RepliWeb for Enterprise File Replication (EFR) deals with a vital aspect of big data – how to replicate huge stores of data. Its purpose is to easily replicate data files to, from and between Apache Hadoop data sets. Matt Benati, Vice President of Global Marketing at Attunity explained that the Hadoop platform is made to consume only very large volumes of data. However, some enterprises may have smaller segments of data they need to merge with their big data for more accurate analytics. Attunity helps these companies to move both big and small data sets from various sources into Hadoop.

“Moving data over WAN in a timely fashion is difficult,” added Benati. “Attunity’s in-memory stream processing capabilities and technology optimizations make moving big data easy – whether on premises or in the cloud.”


The open source distribution of Hadoop does not include many security capabilities. That’s where commercial distributions come in. They will often add features such as access control and logging. “Shadoop introduces role-based access control to a Hadoop cluster, audit log capabilities and Kerberos authentication,” explained Scott Crawford, an analyst at Enterprise Management Associates.

IBM InfoSphere Guardium

Crawford noted that the existing market of database security solutions is aware (as is the larger data management market) of the changes to their space being wrought by big data, but so far there are not yet many approaches that attack big data challenges. But that is beginning to change.

IBM is one of the early ones out of the gate. “IBM InfoSphere Guardium has introduced tools for securing Big Data environment,” said Crawford.

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