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BlackPearl Deep Storage Appliance

Spectra Logic’s BlackPearl Deep Storage Appliance offers RESTful, web-based interfaces to tape library storage for the first time. RESTful is a protocol that apps on the Web use to talk to each other, as well as to storage and servers.

“Tape assets couldn’t access web apps, it just couldn’t be done before and now it can,” said executive Molly Rector, Vice President of Product Management and Worldwide Marketing at Spectra Logic. “BlackPearl enables a new tier of storage to manage massive amounts of data indefinitely at an extremely low cost.”

The pricing for a BlackPearl with a tape library ranges from $0.09 - $0.14 per GB, estimated Rector. She said that compares favorably with public cloud offerings that charge on the basis of ‘per gigabyte per month’ into perpetuity or disk array storage costs that average $1.00 per GB, and low-cost NAS at $0.45 per GB. It will be generally available in December.

“The whole concept of deep storage is on target with the trends and requirements ESG is seeing in the market,” said Steve Duplessie, an analyst with Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG). “More organizations are recognizing the long term value that lies within their data, so data volumes and retention periods are increasing."

Sepaton VirtuoSO

Sepaton VirtuoSO provides data protection for the enterprise, competing with the like of EMC Data Domain. CEO Mike Thompson said it offers innovation in deduplication such as a combo of inline and post-processing dedupe.

“We used to do only post processing but now we do both kinds of deduplication based on the data type and which is most effective,” he said. “Some want to get the data landed fast and don’t want it to go through inline.”

He added that inline was best for unstructured data but that it doesn’t do well with structured databases. Post processing comes into its own there. Similarly, he mentioned the inline dedupe systems can’t address encrypted or compressed data, whereas VirtuoSO will dedupe and back that up.

The system is planned to scale to 16 nodes with an ingest rate of 126 TB per hour, which Thompson claimed was 8X faster than the competition. It will be available in the first quarter of 2014 as a unit that can scale to 4 notes. It will be about a year before it achieves the goal of 16 nodes. But still, that’s 2.2 PB for the initial four nodes.

Fabric Network Controller

Jeda Networks Fabric Network Controller (FNC) is said to create high-performance storage networks over high-speed Ethernet fabrics. It works by residing in the network as a virtual machine, decoupling and extracting the storage networking control plane from the physical network hardware. The storage network overlay provided by the FNC works with many existing physical network components such as standard 10Gb/s Ethernet switches and 10Gb/s Ethernet adapters. No additional software and no specialized hardware are required. Jeda Networks is currently selling FNC through OEMs.

“Today’s storage networks are complex, expensive and are limited to scale as the applications they support grow at a projected exponential rate,” said Stuart Berman, CEO of Jeda Networks. “FNC resides within the network and abstracts the essential services of the storage network from the underlying physical network, simplifying management tasks allowing for much larger scaled networks.”

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