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Managed Services Guide: B for Backup

When customer data is potentially lost, people panic. Building an effective and clear backup practice is core to the total value you offer. This article opn MSPmentor offers tips and advice for building a backup and disaster recovery practice including cloud backup and online backup services.

"In a phrase, build a backup practice. All your customers require a reliable strategy for backup and recovery. All too often I see resellers who are trying to build an MSP business looking for the customer opportunity first, and the solution second. This is one of those places where understanding the solution first will reap rewards both in the quality of the service you provide, and the number of customers you work with.

"Second, make sure you know what your customer is expecting in terms of recovery, and that your solution is able to deliver against those expectations. There are a number of ways to accomplish this, but in my experience it is best to start the conversation with your own SLA, and work from there. Very often the potential customer cannot easily answer questions about their RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective), and find it even harder to answer 'what are your backup and recovery expectations' without a list of criteria as follow-up. So, make it easy. Either walk them through your SLA and explain it in detail, or put together a check list of questions and go through it together. Either way, take notes and make sure your proposal clearly reflects the conversation."

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