Consumer Devices Give Storage Admins Security Headaches

From iPods to USB memory sticks, consumer storage devices present potential security threats, and companies have sprung up to fill the need.
Sun Hopes to Stimulate Healthcare IT Sales

[July 16, 2009] Sun Microsystems is partnering with BridgeHead to help hospitals store and manage data — a move that just might get the company some healthcare stimulus dollars.

With $20 Billion Up for Grabs, Everyone's an EMR Vendor

[May 15, 2009] Data storage vendors are forming partnerships and repositioning themselves in hopes of getting a piece of the electronic medical records stimulus spending.

Data Archiving Solution Puts Employees Back to Work

[March 19, 2009] In this case study, a financial services company freed up employees mired in e-discovery requests by turning to a better data archiving solution.

Obama Administration Could Mean More Compliance Regs

[January 5, 2009] The global financial meltdown and Democratic control of the White House and Congress will likely mean new corporate accountability regulations — and more work for storage administrators.

E-mail Archiving Spurs Gold Rush

[July 5, 2007] Compliance and e-discovery concerns are attracting scores of startups to the e-mail archiving market. Can they all survive?

Getting Up To Speed On FRCP

[June 29, 2007] New amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure make e-discovery everyone's business. A look at what organizations should consider in implementing an e-discovery policy and shopping for an archiving solution.

Rules About to Change in e-Discovery Game

[November 7, 2006] Just when you thought you had a grip on regulatory compliance, along come new federal rules requiring companies to produce documents in legal cases or face stiff penalties.

Law Firm Saves with e-Discovery

[August 24, 2006] Clearwell's E-mail Intelligence Platform is saving clients of one law firm big bucks.

Archive To Survive

[February 10, 2006] Tape and disk vendors are capitalizing on the booming archiving market.

CDP for the Masses

[February 3, 2006] Lasso Logic gets small businesses into the continuous data protection game.

Experts Question 'Keep Everything' Philosophy

[February 1, 2006] Not every record or piece of data must be saved, records management experts say, but establishing a retention program can be difficult.

Can Data Ever Be Deleted?

[January 11, 2006] Analysts say the answer is no, but some companies admit to taking steps to ease the regulatory compliance burden.

Removable Devices Threaten Storage Compliance

[November 18, 2005] HIPAA compliance can be threatened by anyone with an easy-to-conceal thumb drive. One hospital found a solution to the problem.

HIPAA and SOX: What You Need To Know

[May 20, 2005] Our enterprising columnist examines the storage issues you need to consider to comply with regulations such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley.

Compliance: What Lies Ahead

[April 14, 2005] In the final part of our series on compliance and storage issues, we look at what the future may hold.

Financial Services Firms Pioneer Compliant Storage

[April 4, 2005] With a 70-year history of meeting record-keeping requirements, financial services firms have been at the forefront of electronic communications archiving.

Sarbanes-Oxley: Driving the Storage Compliance Boom

[February 25, 2005] In the first part of a series on regulatory compliance and storage issues, we examine the far-reaching effects of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.


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