Microsoft's Tape Alternative Imminent

Redmond gets closer to releasing its disk-based storage system and talks up integration at its partner conference.
Why Enterprise Tape Can't Get No Respect

[June 17, 2010] High-end tape storage is the most reliable enterprise storage media, orders of magnitude better than SAS drives, so why can't it be put to better use?

Tape Storage, Fibre Channel and Technology Innovation

[April 20, 2010] The effect of the evolution of Ethernet on the data storage market offers a case study in the causes of technology market disruption and innovation.

Disk Backup, Deduplication Move Tape to an Archiving Role

[February 25, 2010] Cheap, high-capacity disk storage and deduplication are pushing tape backup into an archiving role.

LTO-5 Breathes New Life into Tape Storage

[January 22, 2010] Far from dying, data tape storage technology is getting faster, denser and more secure.

Disk Hasn't Killed Tape Yet

[November 23, 2009] New products from Spectra Logic and Quantum show that tape isn't dead yet.

Storing Decades of Bureaucratic Data

[February 11, 2009] If you think you've got data storage headaches, wait till you see what the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration is facing.

All We Are Saying Is Give Tape a Chance

[January 16, 2008] Online backup vendors have got it all wrong by using disk instead of tape.

The Secret Life of Data Tapes

[August 16, 2006] Data tapes have limits and a finite lifespan, and — if you care about your data — you better know what they are.

When Tape and RAID Don't Get Along

[May 18, 2006] When tape and RAID data rates don't match, the result can be a big performance bottleneck.

Tape Wind Quality Improves, But...

[April 26, 2006] Vendors have made strides to address tape wind quality issues, but problems remain, not the least of which is what to do with all your old data tapes.

Why Tape Won't Die

[June 16, 2005] Rumors of tape's demise have been greatly exaggerated.

Tale of the Tape: Beware of Wind Quality

[August 10, 2004] In part 3 of our series on data replication, EnterpriseStorageForum contributor Henry Newman uncovers a little-known problem that could pose a big threat to your stored data.


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