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NetApp Offers First FCoE-based Storage Arrays

NetApp is the first storage vendor to offer an end-to-end FCoE solution — and the company also predicts that the technology will eventually overtake Fibre Channel.
EMC Sees SSDs, Ethernet Taking Over Data Storage

[April 30, 2010] EMC's Global Marketing CTO sees solid state drives, the cloud and Ethernet as the future of storage networking.

Will 10GbE and FCoE Hurt iSCSI and NAS Storage?

[March 26, 2010] Data center networking convergence is coming; what will it mean for existing Ethernet storage protocols?

Cisco FCoE Switches Help Hospital Save Power

[December 17, 2009] One early FCoE adopter alleviated a power crunch by moving to converged storage and data networks.

Why NAS Might Overtake SAN Storage

[November 16, 2009] Not only might NAS replace SAN in the coming world of Ethernet-based storage, but the distinctions between the two might also disappear.

Intel Wants Servers to Have Open FCoE Inside

[October 30, 2009] As part of Open-FCoE, Intel is leading an effort to make FCoE native to Linux and is literally giving away its code to accomplish that.

Storage Networking: The Basics

[October 26, 2009] Much has changed since storage networks first appeared — and the biggest changes may be yet to come.

FCoE Is Ready, Is It Time to Care?

[September 28, 2009] It's possible to get started on Fibre Channel over Ethernet now, but most experts advise to move cautiously.

InfiniBand Marches On Without Cisco

[August 14, 2009] Cisco is no longer pursuing InfiniBand, but other vendors and analysts see continued growth and opportunities in the IB market.

Falling 10GbE Prices Spell Doom for Fibre Channel

[June 18, 2009] Recent steep drops in the price of 10Gb Ethernet NICs mean that Fibre Channel's decade-long dominance will soon be over.

EMC, NetApp Could Gain From Cisco's Server Plans

[March 17, 2009] EMC, NetApp and VMware stand to benefit from Cisco's new Unified Computing System, while Brocade could find itself in an interesting position.

The Cloud Offers Promise for Storage Users

[December 10, 2008] Cloud computing may be ill-defined and over-hyped, but for storage users, it could represent a new way of looking at storage.

Meeting Compliance Demands with IP Storage

[December 4, 2008] A California medical facility has improved its regulatory compliance and e-discovery efforts with help from iSCSI and data encryption.

Three Acronyms That Could Change the Storage World

[September 12, 2008] The storage networking world could be profoundly changed by three emerging technologies.

Fortune 500 Firm Ditches Fibre Channel for iSCSI

[July 19, 2007] When it came time to boost performance and capacity, Adecco abandoned its Fibre Channel SAN for a 120TB LeftHand iSCSI SAN.

How iSCSI Lost the War

[June 21, 2007] Why iSCSI never overtook Fibre Channel — and why it never will.

iSCSI Rides Virtualization Wave

[March 22, 2007] IP storage technology is catching on — thanks in part to server virtualization.

RDMA TCP/IP: Coming Soon to a Network Near You

[June 15, 2006] With PCI Express boosting network performance, the TCP/IP stack may be due for an overhaul next.

Is iSCSI Reality Finally Matching Hype?

[October 5, 2005] Big things have been predicted for iSCSI for years, but there is some evidence that the IP storage technology's time may have finally arrived.

Open Source iSCSI Gains Traction

[July 29, 2005] The recent merger of two key open source iSCSI initiator projects could be the spark that ignites Linux iSCSI.

The State of iSCSI: What's Everyone Waiting for?

[October 13, 2004] When will the promise of iSCSI turn into an enterprise reality? Cisco, EMC, IBM and Microsoft weigh in on where the IP-based storage network technology has been, where it is now, and where it's headed.

Storage Focus: The Outlook for IP SANs - Part 2

[September 30, 2003] While some industry experts believe IP-based SANs will have an eye-opening effect on the storage industry, others feel that it will be nothing more than 'business as usual.' Leslie Wood concludes an in-depth look at where IP SANs stand today and once again tackles the burning question of whether or not Fibre Channel SANs and IP SANs will play nice together.

Storage Focus: The Outlook for IP SANs

[September 3, 2003] While some industry experts believe IP-based SANs will have an eye-opening effect on the storage industry, others feel that it will be nothing more than 'business as usual.' Leslie Wood takes a look at where IP SANs stand today and addresses the burning question of whether Fibre Channel SANs and IP SANs will play nice together.

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