Storage Outsourcing

A look at storage outsourcing issues.
Why Cloud Storage Use Could Be Limited in Enterprises

[October 9, 2009] Bandwidth and data integrity issues could limit enterprise use of external storage clouds.

The Cloud Offers Promise for Storage Users

[December 10, 2008] Cloud computing may be ill-defined and over-hyped, but for storage users, it could represent a new way of looking at storage.

Enterprise Storage Comes Home

[June 12, 2008] RAID, NAS and sophisticated backup schemes have moved from enterprises into homes. So which high-end storage technologies could be next to work their way into the family den?

Online Backup Providers Opt For Disk Over Tape

[January 10, 2008] In what could be a sign of things to come for the storage market, online backup providers overwhelmingly favor disk over tape.

Making Online Backup Work

[November 10, 2006] Small businesses have much to consider if they're going to make online backup work for them.

Brother, Can You Spare a Terabyte?

[September 28, 2006] The San Diego Supercomputer Center is making available more than 400 TB of disk space and even more archival tape space for academic and scientific data in search of a good home.

Remote Storage Monitoring Services Come of Age

[March 10, 2005] The need to manage far-flung storage environments is driving a new storage services model.

Utility Computing Pioneers, Part 2

[September 1, 2004] In the second part of a series on storage service providers, Leslie Wood examines the changing nature of utility storage.

Utility Computing Pioneers

[July 6, 2004] Storage service providers were an unsuccessful early attempt at utility computing. What lessons did they leave for the current advocates of utility computing?


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