Google CEO Resigns From Apple Board

As the two heavyweights' businesses converge and regulators raise troubling questions, Schmidt bows out.
Google's GDrive Makes a (Brief) Appearance

[February 2, 2009] A source code sighting suggests what Google's long-rumored GDrive storage service is and what it will be used for — if it ever ships.

Google Gets Storage Pricing Out of the Clouds

[April 14, 2008] Most online e-mail archive providers charge by the byte, but Google goes subscription.

Google's Search for Enterprise Success

[April 27, 2006] When it comes to data, the king of search has a simple mission: Wherever it is, whatever it is, Google wants control.

The Return of Dot-Com Storage

[March 27, 2006] What does the arrival of Amazon and Google mean for the world of storage?

Amazon Launches Web Storage Service

[March 14, 2006] Amazon is the latest dot-com to enter the online storage space — with an offering aimed squarely at enterprises.

Google Gambles on Gigabytes

[March 9, 2006] Google may be getting into the online backup business — and that could raise a number of issues for enterprises.

Google Dips a Toe Into Data Management

[September 26, 2005] StoredIQ helps Google Enterprise customers make better use of their data.


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