Meeting Virtualization's Storage Demands

Server and desktop virtualization put a lot of demands on storage. Is your storage network up to the task?
Unified Data Center Stacks: Risk of Vendor Lock-in?

[June 1, 2010] Cisco, HP and Oracle are among the vendors pursuing unified storage, server and networking strategies. Will customers win or lose?

Storage Virtualization Helps Alleviate Virtual Server Bottlenecks

[March 22, 2010] Storage networking vendors say flexible storage environments are just the thing for alleviating virtual I/O bottlenecks and capacity constraints.

Server Virtualization Drives Storage Networking Sales

[March 12, 2010] Virtualization users find that their storage costs can greatly exceed what they paid to virtualize their servers.

Boosting Virtual Server Backup Performance

[February 9, 2010] Virtual servers have made backups much more challenging than they used to be. Here's how one company solved the problem.

VMware Automates Disaster Recovery

[October 7, 2009] VMware's Site Recovery Manager is making disaster recovery easier for more than 2,000 customers.

Troubleshooting SAN Problems

[October 2, 2009] A large financial institution turned to Virtual Instruments' NetWisdom to solve problems in its EMC, Cisco and Brocade SAN environment.

RAID's Days May Be Numbered

[September 17, 2009] The long-running data storage technology could be headed for trouble. We look at the problem — and potential solutions.

Virtualization Makes Disaster Recovery Cheaper

[August 3, 2009] Server virtualization from the likes of Microsoft and VMware is helping companies save on disaster recovery costs.

SSDs, pNFS Will Test RAID Controller Design

[July 24, 2009] The storage world as we know it is about to change — and not all RAID vendors are ready.

IBM, NetApp Take on Virtual I/O Bottlenecks

[July 1, 2009] BlueArc and Panasas are also among the storage vendors working to solve the problem of I/O constraints caused by server virtualization.

Virtualization and the Cloud Will Change Data Storage

[June 19, 2009] Storage and IT luminaries gathered last week to discuss the future, and they agreed that it's in cloud and virtual environments.

What the Heck is Going On in the Data Storage Industry?

[June 16, 2009] Mergers, hostile takeovers, turf battles, high-profile defections... We look at what's behind the turmoil in the IT industry — and what it means for the future of storage.

EMC Keeps Israel's Power Grid Up and Running

[June 11, 2009] The Israel Electric Corp. turned to EMC to keep its VMware environment running in case of a disaster.

Server Virtualization and iSCSI Keep Small Business Running

[April 22, 2009] A small information management services company turned to DataCore and Citrix for an affordable storage and virtual server environment that worked.

Cisco Remakes Virtualization, Storage Landscape

[April 16, 2009] Cisco's new server has the potential to recast both the data storage and server virtualization markets.

EMC Sets Its Sights on Automated Data Management

[April 3, 2009] EMC wants to be enterprises' one-stop shop for data management, but the company's vision doesn't end with storage.

Bringing Data Center Automation to the Masses

[December 16, 2008] A new service brings data center automation within reach of small businesses.

Data Center Automation: Coming Sooner Than You Think

[November 24, 2008] One analyst thinks data center automation will be here within five years, which means you better start planning for it now.

Making Global Data Centers More Manageable

[November 7, 2008] One IT services company got a handle on its global data centers through server virtualization and a common storage infrastructure from Brocade, EMC and Emulex.

Helping Storage Keep Up With Server Virtualization

[October 29, 2008] If you virtualize your server environment without taking storage into consideration, your performance will likely suffer.

Reducing Virtualization's Storage Demands

[October 24, 2008] They're early in development, but some new technologies hold promise for reducing server virtualization's demand on storage environments.

Combating Virtual Machine Sprawl

[September 19, 2008] Virtual machines are a big drain on storage resources. Here's a few steps you can take to control them.

Hyper-V Not Yet Ready for Storage Prime Time

[July 11, 2008] VMware may be worried about Microsoft's virtualization entry, but storage users will have to wait a while for Hyper-V's functionality to rival that of VMware.

Simplifying Storage in a Virtual Environment

[June 25, 2008] Xiotech's Virtual View is helping one indoor climate company manage its storage in a VMware environment.

Managing Storage in a Virtual World

[March 20, 2008] Server and storage virtualization create greater efficiency and utilization, but they can also increase storage consumption and create their own management headaches.

VMware's Storage Ambitions

[January 4, 2008] The server virtualization leader aims to manage everything in data centers — with help from storage vendors.

Making Sense of VMware Storage Options

[September 25, 2007] Storage vendors have been rushing to market with products that support VMware. We give you some issues to consider as you take a closer look at them.


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