Cloud Storage and Cloud Computing

Will enterprises trust their data to clouds -- and will clouds be up to the challenge?
Unified Data Center Stacks: Risk of Vendor Lock-in?

[June 1, 2010] Cisco, HP and Oracle are among the vendors pursuing unified storage, server and networking strategies. Will customers win or lose?

Cloud Storage Will Be Limited By Drive Reliability, Bandwidth

[May 14, 2010] Drive reliability and bandwidth limitations make cloud storage a near impossibility for very large data stores.

EMC Sees SSDs, Ethernet Taking Over Data Storage

[April 30, 2010] EMC's Global Marketing CTO sees solid state drives, the cloud and Ethernet as the future of storage networking.

Storage Networking World Turns Cloudy

[April 15, 2010] Cloud storage seems a long way from being enterprise-ready, but a number of users are considering the technology anyway.

EMC Outlines Global Storage Networking Vision

[March 15, 2010] The data storage giant envisions a massive, global storage network without distance, performance or data consistency limitations.

Can Cloud Computing Replace Your Storage Network?

[February 19, 2010] Enterprises don't seem to be in much of a hurry to turn to the cloud to meet their storage networking needs, presenting a big obstacle for cloud storage providers.

Grid Computing and the Future of Cloud Computing

[January 21, 2010] Grid computing paved the way for clouds. But can cloud computing succeed where grids failed?

The Future of Data Storage: FCoE, SSD Mergers, But No Clouds

[December 21, 2009] Enterprise storage columnist Henry Newman sees FCoE and SSD mergers coming, but there are no clouds in his forecast.

Why Cloud Storage Use Could Be Limited in Enterprises

[October 9, 2009] Bandwidth and data integrity issues could limit enterprise use of external storage clouds.

Virtualization and the Cloud Will Change Data Storage

[June 19, 2009] Storage and IT luminaries gathered last week to discuss the future, and they agreed that it's in cloud and virtual environments.

EMC Says Dedupe, Cloud and SSDs Will Dominate Storage

[May 20, 2009] At EMC World, the data storage giant expanded its dedupe offerings, held a love fest with Cisco and VMware, and CEO Joe Tucci answered some tough questions.


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