FBI Probe, More Scrutiny Sought Over White House E-mail

Watchdog groups want more visibility into lost messages and document retention -- and are calling on law enforcement and the courts to get it.
EMC Sees SSDs, Ethernet Taking Over Data Storage

[April 30, 2010] EMC's Global Marketing CTO sees solid state drives, the cloud and Ethernet as the future of storage networking.

Error Correction: An Urgent Need for Files

[December 3, 2009] The digital future will require a level of file and data integrity that doesn't exist today, but there are some possible solutions.

Sun Hopes to Stimulate Healthcare IT Sales

[July 16, 2009] Sun Microsystems is partnering with BridgeHead to help hospitals store and manage data — a move that just might get the company some healthcare stimulus dollars.

With $20 Billion Up for Grabs, Everyone's an EMR Vendor

[May 15, 2009] Data storage vendors are forming partnerships and repositioning themselves in hopes of getting a piece of the electronic medical records stimulus spending.

Data Archiving Solution Puts Employees Back to Work

[March 19, 2009] In this case study, a financial services company freed up employees mired in e-discovery requests by turning to a better data archiving solution.

E-Discovery Ruling Gives Companies Another Data Worry

[January 12, 2009] A recent court ruling gives companies another reason to worry about the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP).

Obama Administration Could Mean More Compliance Regs

[January 5, 2009] The global financial meltdown and Democratic control of the White House and Congress will likely mean new corporate accountability regulations — and more work for storage administrators.

Consumer Devices Give Storage Admins Security Headaches

[April 17, 2008] From iPods to USB memory sticks, consumer storage devices present potential security threats, and companies have sprung up to fill the need.

EMC Makes a Play for Iomega

[March 10, 2008] EMC has offered to acquire Iomega, its latest play for dominance in the fast-growing consumer and small business storage market.

Enterprises Rule in Favor of e-Discovery, Thanks to FRCP

[December 20, 2007] The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure are forcing companies to adopt e-discovery solutions and processes, and storage vendors are all too happy to help.

E-mail Archiving Spurs Gold Rush

[July 5, 2007] Compliance and e-discovery concerns are attracting scores of startups to the e-mail archiving market. Can they all survive?

Getting Up To Speed On FRCP

[June 29, 2007] New amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure make e-discovery everyone's business. A look at what organizations should consider in implementing an e-discovery policy and shopping for an archiving solution.

Rules About to Change in e-Discovery Game

[November 7, 2006] Just when you thought you had a grip on regulatory compliance, along come new federal rules requiring companies to produce documents in legal cases or face stiff penalties.

EMC Secures Its Future

[September 22, 2006] The storage giant's acquisition of RSA is the latest move in its ambition to become a general IT vendor.

Law Firm Saves with e-Discovery

[August 24, 2006] Clearwell's E-mail Intelligence Platform is saving clients of one law firm big bucks.

Fixed Content Choices

[July 13, 2006] With the growth of fixed content far surpassing all other kinds of data, storage managers face quite a challenge getting a handle on all those files that never change once they're created.

Getting A Fix On Fixed Content

[June 9, 2006] Low-cost tiered disk storage is one way to get a handle on fast-growing fixed content data.

Removable Devices Threaten Storage Compliance

[November 18, 2005] HIPAA compliance can be threatened by anyone with an easy-to-conceal thumb drive. One hospital found a solution to the problem.

Sandial Targets the High End

[May 8, 2003] Sandial Systems announces its entry into the storage networking market with what it claims is an innovative 'backbone' approach.

SAN Switches Boast Strong Growth

[March 3, 2003] Storage Area Networking (SAN) Switches were a bright spot in IT spending last year, with worldwide sales growing 15% to $954 million, according to a new report by Dell'Oro Group.

Adaptec to Purchase Assets of NAS Innovator Tricord Systems

[November 13, 2002] Acquisition will allow Adaptec to enter the NAS market.

Before the War, the Storage Sector Peacefully Soldiers On

[June 12, 2001] The storage sector promises a cross-section of new technologies, deals, and competitive synergies.


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