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Disaster Recovery Solutions: Getting Prepared

In order to be protect your data storage from a natural or man-made or natural disaster, organizations need to put together a disaster …

Three Macro Trends in Enterprise Data Storage

Leading among the technologies that are driving enterprise storage are software defined, hyperconverged infrastructure, and AI/machine …

Google Cloud Platform Gaining Data Storage Momentum

Many leading storage vendors are partnering with the cloud computing provider.

The Cold Cloud: Long-Term Backup Storage in the Public Cloud

Public cloud vendors offer several low-cost options for storing data that is accessed very infrequently.

Cloud Storage Vs. On-Premise: 11 Reasons to Choose the Public Cloud

Here are eleven areas where the public cloud has an advantage over in-house storage solutions.

Public Cloud Compliance: Key Protection

It's possible to remain compliant and use public cloud storage, but companies should never forget that responsibility for compliance rests …

Silent Data Corruption, the Backup Killer

When data corruption goes undetected, it creates a high risk for applications. It can then create a pervasive data integrity problem.

What Does Everything’s a Service Mean for Storage?

As the tech world shifts to the "as a service" model, the implications for storage are enormous. Is this a positive trend?

Open Source Storage: 49 Tools for Backup and Recovery

Open source storage software applications to help individuals and organizations prepare for and recover from disaster situations.

Choosing the Right Cloud Storage Provider

More and more data is leaving the confines of the enterprise for the cloud. Here's how to pick the right provider.

Hybrid Cloud Storage Buying Guide, Part II

Hybrid cloud storage offers strong benefits for business and many more vendors are expected to move into this sector.

Hybrid Cloud Storage Tips

Although hybrid cloud storage is becoming a default choice for businesses, it remains highly confusing.

Shared Storage in the Cloud

While the technology is still in its infancy, there are several options for creating shared storage in the cloud for HPC workloads.

Cloud-Storage Mergers and Acquisitions: What’s Going On?

The pattern of furiously flying dollars reveals key trends in the storage business.

Eight Ways to Avoid Cloud Storage Pricing Surprises

Cloud storage can be a cost saver, unless you fail to double check the details.

Barracuda's Copy Storage Cloud Updates Get Enterprising

Copy gets ready for business with new features that improve security and support advanced workflows.

Open Source Storage Buying Guide

An overview of open source data storage solutions reveals that software defined has made big inroad in this sector.

Enterprise File Collaboration Market Landscape

In order to be true enterprise-class products, file-collaboration solutions must offer scalability, security, control, usability and …

Cloud Storage SLAs

Read the fine print carefully before signing on the bottom line with a cloud storage vendor.

File Sync and Share Buying Guide

These vendors offer cloud-based file sync and sharing services that are suitable for enterprises.

Eight Cloud Storage Pitfalls to Avoid

Before you rush into a cloud storage arrangement, be sure to ask these questions.

10 Things to Know Before You Go into the Cloud

Doing your homework can help you avoid mistakes when it comes to selecting a cloud storage provider.

Public Cloud Storage Buying Guide

See how five of the top public cloud storage services stack up.

High Availability Storage Consulting Buying Guide

These vendors can help you design your storage architecture for high availability.

Cloud Storage Marketing Hype: Amazon Glacier's Big Claims

Proving that the cloud storage space offers some questionable advertising, Amazon’s Glacier makes some remarkable claims.

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