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LTFS Tape-Disk Hybrid Storage: Who Needs Cloud?

Hybrid data storage systems that combine LTFS tape and disk promise low cost storage that’s faster than the cloud and almost as scalable.
Tags : tape backup, hybrid storage, Cloud Storage, LTFS

The Day the Cloud Died: Planning for Cloud Failure

Cloud computing failure is far from a remote option, so businesses must have a plan to handle partial or complete cloud outages.
Tags : Cloud Storage, backup and disaster recovery, cloud computing

Can Cloud Storage Costs Fall to Zero?

Cloud storage providers keep lowering their prices. How low can they go?
Tags : cloud computing, Cloud Storage

Choosing the Right Cloud Storage Provider

More and more data is leaving the confines of the enterprise for the cloud. Here's how to pick the right provider.
Tags : enterprise storage, Cloud Storage, cloud storage providers, cloud computing

Hitachi Data Systems: Continuous Cloud Infrastructure

Hitachi’s recent launch focused on four key foundations for IT infrastructure.
Tags : data systems, Hitachi, Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Storage

Hybrid Cloud Storage Buying Guide, Part II

Hybrid cloud storage offers strong benefits for business and many more vendors are expected to move into this sector.
Tags : hybrid cloud, cloud computing, Cloud Storage

Hybrid Cloud Storage Tips

Although hybrid cloud storage is becoming a default choice for businesses, it remains highly confusing.
Tags : enterprise storage, Cloud Storage, cloud computing, hybrid cloud

Hybrid Cloud Storage Buying Guide

More companies are adopting a hybrid cloud storage model as cloud storage plays an increasing role in the enterprise.
Tags : enterprise storage, hybrid cloud, cloud computing, Cloud Storage, Storage

Cloud-Storage Mergers and Acquisitions: What’s Going On?

The pattern of furiously flying dollars reveals key trends in the storage business.
Tags : Cloud Storage, virtualization, mergers and acquisitions, cloud computing

Eight Ways to Avoid Cloud Storage Pricing Surprises

Cloud storage can be a cost saver, unless you fail to double check the details.
Tags : cloud pricing, Cloud Storage, cloud computing

Cloud Backup ROI Calculator

The Cloud Backup ROI Calculator will help you measure return on your cloud backup and storage investments. Free download.
Tags : Cloud Storage, cloud backup, return on investment, ROI, ROI Calculator, cloud computing

Barracuda's Copy Storage Cloud Updates Get Enterprising

Copy gets ready for business with new features that improve security and support advanced workflows.
Tags : cloud computing, enterprise storage, box, DropBox, Cloud Storage

Hybrid Cloud Storage: Extending the Storage Infrastructure

Hybrid cloud storage offers significant cost savings, but beware of over-hyped solutions that don’t offer all of this technology’s true benefits.
Tags : cloud computing, Cloud Storage, hybrid cloud, data storage

Scality Cloud Storage Update Delivers Native NFS Support

The one RING? Storage startup blurs the lines between file and object storage.
Tags : data storage, cloud computing, network file system, NFS, Cloud Storage

SanDisk Invests in Flashy Cloud Startup Panzura

The flash storage and SSD specialist wants to help a flash-accelerated cloud storage company's systems make their way into more enterprises.
Tags : data storage, Sandisk, Cloud Storage, cloud computing

Cloud Storage SLAs

Read the fine print carefully before signing on the bottom line with a cloud storage vendor.
Tags : sla, downtime, service level agreements, Cloud Storage

Top Ten Takeaways from EMC World

Cloud storage, big data and the software-defined trend played major roles at the event.
Tags : Storage, Pivotal, RSA, big data, VMware, EMC, software-defined storage, Cloud Storage

Cloud Gateway/Cloud Management Buying Guide

These vendors offer cloud gateway products that make managing data stored in the cloud more like managing data stored on a local NAS or SAN.
Tags : Cloud Storage, Amazon, Twinstrata, riverbed technologies, Nasuni, Zenoss, gateway, storage management

Eight Cloud Storage Pitfalls to Avoid

Before you rush into a cloud storage arrangement, be sure to ask these questions.
Tags : cloud computing, Object Storage, disaster recovery, deduplication, Cloud Storage

Ten Tips for Storing Social Data

Social data is different from other types of data, so it has unique storage management needs.
Tags : deduplication, Storage, SSD, tiering, social data, Cloud Storage

10 Things to Know Before You Go into the Cloud

Doing your homework can help you avoid mistakes when it comes to selecting a cloud storage provider.
Tags : Cloud Storage, cloud computing, backup

Parallel Storage Clouds

The world is adopting cloud storage, but will they be disappointed when it is not able to keep up with computations? Is parallelism the answer?
Tags : cloud computing, Parallelism, Cloud Storage

Public Cloud Storage Buying Guide

See how five of the top public cloud storage services stack up.
Tags : Google Cloud, OpenStack, public cloud, Amazon S3, Rackspace, Microsoft Azure, HP, Cloud Storage

Five Cost-Effective Storage Options

Storage software and cloud offerings from Tarmin, Quantum, NovaStor, Caringo and Pivot3.
Tags : software, Cloud Storage, virtual desktop, backup, Storage

Seven Solid Cloud Storage Apps

Worthwhile cloud storage products from VMTurbo, dinCloud, Kinetic D, Tarmin, VeriStor, Asigra and Egnyte.
Tags : Cloud Storage, cloud computing

IBM Gives PureSystems a Storage Boost

With the debut of its new Flex System V7000 hardware, Big Blue offers improved storage utilization and management on its PureSystems line of integrated IT systems.
Tags : Storage, Cloud Storage, IBM, cloud computing

Picking the Right Cloud Storage Vendor

Given that cloud storage is relatively new, selecting the best cloud storage vendor for your business presents unique challenges.
Tags : cloud computing, Storage, Cloud Storage

Microsoft Buys StorSimple for Enterprise Cloud Storage

Microsoft aims to strengthen the ties between Windows Server and Azure by snapping up a cloud storage appliance maker.
Tags : Cloud Storage, cloud computing, StorSimple, Micorosoft

Cloud Storage Marketing Hype: Amazon Glacier's Big Claims

Proving that the cloud storage space offers some questionable advertising, Amazon’s Glacier makes some remarkable claims.
Tags : cloud computing, Cloud Storage, Storage

5 Enterpriseworthy Cloud Storage Services

Think cloud storage and file sharing services are just for consumers? Although targeted at consumers, these five offerings can bring an impressive amount of storage to user enterprises for free. The key is knowing how to get the most out of them.
Tags : Cloud Storage, file sharing

4 Options to Make Your Cloud Storage Faster

From automatic cloud provisioning to flash these four companies offer unique approaches to speeding up your  cloud storage.
Tags : SolidFire, Cloud Storage, Riverbed, Ciena

The Enigma of Benchmarking Clouds

However you feel about cloud storage, it is a consideration for many applications. Evaluating cloud providers to determine the best solution for an enterprise is often an arduous and complex task. Learn what you can do to make it less painful.
Tags : cloud computing, benchmarking, Cloud Storage

Nasuni Adds Multi-site Access to its Data Continuity Service

Nasuni comes up with a way for multiple users to work on the same data file from different locations without worrying about data integrity problems.
Tags : Cloud Storage, cloud computing, Nasuni, data integrity

DataDirect Claims WOS 2.0 Handles Billions of Reads/Writes

DataDirect Networks rolled out a major update to what it says is the world's highest scalability storage appliance, which it claims is capable of storing and retrieving billion of objects per day.
Tags : Storage, DataDirect, Cloud Storage, Storage Appliances

Nirvanix Deal to Expand CloudSmart Storage

A new agreement with Nirvanix will enable IBM's cloud storage services to have access to massive amounts of data in the cloud.
Tags : Nirvanix, Cloud Storage, SmartCloud, IBM, Storage

10 Cloud Deployments Worth a Look

Considering a cloud deployment? Here are 10 examples to check out and possibly emulate.
Tags : Amazon EC2, Cloud Storage, EMC Atmos, cloud computing

Symform Targets Low-Cost Cloud Storage With 'Peer-to-Peer' Model

Seattle firm takes novel approach to cloud storage with distributed architecture aggregating unused local resources.
Tags : Cloud Storage, Storage, security, cloud security

Open Source Gluster Touts Software to Commoditize Storage

Cloud storage firm tackles costs, latency and a surge of unstructured data with software-based approach.
Tags : Cloud Storage, latency, cloud computing, open source, Storage

Egnyte Touts Hybrid Model for Cloud Storage

Kleiner Perkins-backed startup looks to deliver the ease and flexibility of the cloud paired with on-site speed and reliability.
Tags : disaster recovery, cloud computing, Cloud Storage, hybrid cloud

Scality Looks to Remake Cloud Storage With 'Organic' Approach

Firm is taking a novel approach to massive cloud storage with an object-oriented technology.
Tags : big data, storage management, Cloud Storage, object oriented programming

7 Hot Cloud Implementations

With so many definitions of the cloud and so many vendors rushing into the market, choosing which cloud services and implementations to pursue is tricky. Here are 7 to consider that make sense and add value.
Tags : Cloud Storage, cloud computing

eSilo Simplifies Cloud-based Disaster Recovery

SiloSphere is optimized for handling global backup and disaster recovery for cloud computing.
Tags : Cloud Storage, backup and recovery

EMC Delivers Atmos Cloud Delivery Platform

Software decreases the time required to build cloud storage services.
Tags : Cloud Storage

Netgear Adds Replication, Cloud Options to New ReadyNAS Family

The new ReadyNAS Pro family for SMBs supports virtual machines, replication for disaster recovery and touts 100GB of free cloud storage.
Tags : Netgear, NAS, ReadyNAS, Cloud Storage, replication

Caringo Adds Named Objects, Multi-Tenancy to Cloud Platform

Caringo has fleshed out the CAStor cloud platform with its second major software release in less than six months.
Tags : Caringo, Object Storage, Cloud Storage, Dell, CAStor

HDS Unveils "On-Ramp" to Cloud Storage Platform

The new Hitachi Data Ingestor (HDI) speaks CIFS and NFS, making it possible for more applications – and remote offices – to move data in and out of the Hitachi Content Platform (HCP).
Tags : Hitachi Data Systems, Hitachi, HDS, Hitachi Content Platform, Cloud Storage

Cleversafe Gets Nod from CIA's Investment Arm

An independent firm founded by the CIA has made a strategic investment in the cloud startup and entered into a development agreement centered on Cleversafe’s dispersed storage technology.
Tags : IQT, Dispersed Storage, In-Q-Tel, Cleversafe, Cloud Storage

SNW: SNIA Advances Cloud, Green Storage Standards

The industry group is creeping ever closer to establishing full-fledged standards for power efficiency and cloud storage.
Tags : green storage, Cloud Storage, SNIA, Storage Networking Industry Association, CDMI

Digitiliti Beefs Up DigiLIBE Virtual Corporate Library

Version 2.0 of DigiLIBE supports virtualization, collaboration, security, and compliance in hybrid and pure cloud deployments.
Tags : Unstructured Data, DigiLIBE, Cloud Storage, virtual corporate library, Digitiliti

Nasuni Overhauls Cloud NAS Filer for Microsoft Environments

Version 2.0 of the Nasuni Filer ties on-premise storage to Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud services platform.
Tags : NAS, Cloud Storage, Azure, Nasuni

CommVault Expands Cloud Storage Partnerships

CommVault is expanding its presence in the cloud with a new round of software and partnership extensions.
Tags : Mezeo Software, Cloud Storage, CommVault, Rackspace, Dell

Tips For Building a Private Cloud

Private clouds can be expensive, so do your research and figure out the upper and lower ROI first.
Tags : storage vendors, storage virtualization, Cloud Storage

VMworld: Zetta Unveils Cloud Data Protection Service

The company claims its Data Protect service obsoletes traditional backups and improves enterprise data integrity at a fraction of the cost.
Tags : Zetta, backup and recovery, Cloud Storage, cloud backup

DriveHQ Launches Cloud Storage For Business

Cloud Storage & Cloud IT Solution 5.0 offers online storage, backup, and Web server hosting.
Tags : Cloud Storage, Storage

Dell Ups the Ante in 3PAR Bidding War

Dell beats HP’s offer by $0.30 per share, but it’s not over yet.
Tags : Cloud Storage, Dell, HP, 3PAR

Review: Nasuni Offers Secure Cloud Storage

One advantage of the Nasuni storage interface is its simplicity for network file system expansion.
Tags : Cloud Storage

Pro Softnet Launches SMB Cloud Storage System

IDrive EVS is a cloud storage system with encryption, versioning and block level incremental transfers.
Tags : SMB, storage system, Cloud Storage

SNIA Establishes Cloud Backup Group

The Storage Networking Industry Association is focusing on defining best practices for cloud-based backup and recovery.
Tags : backup and recovery, Cloud Storage, cloud backup, Storage Networkign Industry Association

Storage Vendors Ease Cloud Storage Transition

New storage start-ups aim to ease the transition from in-house storage systems to the cloud.
Tags : cloud services, Cloud Storage, storage vendors, cloud storage platform, Storage vendor

Cloud-Based Tiered Storage

Cloud storage is supposed to be unlimited but no one has really been tested on this claim as yet.
Tags : Cloud Storage, tiering, Cloud, tiered storage

Continuity Brings DR/HA Testing to the Private Cloud

The latest version of Continuity Software’s enterprise-class DR/HA testing and monitoring software promises to bring business continuity to the private cloud.
Tags : disaster recovery, Cloud Storage, cloud computing

Cloud Computing and Enterprise Data Storage

Storage is often the most problematic segment in the data center.
Tags : Cloud Storage, Cloud, cloud computing

i365 Expands Cloud-Based Application Recovery Service

Seagate’s cloud-based services arm, i365, has expanded its cloud server recovery service to support heterogeneous operating systems.
Tags : disaster recovery, Cloud Storage

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