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Is Key-Value Data Storage in your Future?

Key-value storage is finding enormous interesting in the large capacity, lower performance storage world.
Tags : data storage, data storage management

Unified Data Storage Buying Guide

Unified data storage, dominated by large vendors, includes tools for SAN, NAS, shared virtual infrastructures and new hybrid cloud IT models.
Tags : hybrid cloud, data storage, Unified Storage, unified storage system

Data Storage's Future: Disruption Ahead

The future of data storage is in flux as legacy storage vendors face a dizzying array of challenges.
Tags : enterprise storage, cloud computing, data storage, SDS, Flash, Software Defined Storage

Unified Storage Appliance Buying Guide

Proponents of unified data storage systems claim that their converged approach helps simplify operation.
Tags : data storage, Unified Storage, appliance, storage appliance

Top 10 Data Storage Backup Tips

Data storage backup is easy to do inefficiently. Best practices require some careful thought.
Tags : Disaster Response team, backup, data storage, disaster recovery


The SAS vs. SATA debate is often framed as the “price favorite” vs. the “enterprise favorite.” Here’s an in in-depth look at the issue.
Tags : enterprise storage, SAS, SATA, Sata drives, data storage

Data Storage Backup Buying Guide

While not the sexy topic it once was, data storage backup still sells a lot of software.
Tags : data backup, data storage, data storage management

Data Storage Security: Securing the Physical Data Center

While many storage admins worry the most about network security, the physical security of data is also essential.
Tags : data storage, Security Essentials, Data Center Manager, storage security

Buying Guide for Enterprise Hard Drives

Sure, solid state drives get all the buzz, but hard disk drives are still a key tool in data storage. Here are some of the latest products available from HDD OEMs.
Tags : Hard Disk Drives, enterprise storage, data storage, HDD

10 Ways to Reduce Virtual Data Loss in Storage Environments

Even for storage admins well versed in data handling, virtual environments pose an array of challenges.
Tags : storage virtualization, virtual storage, data storage, virtual machine

Open Source Storage Buying Guide

An overview of open source data storage solutions reveals that software defined has made big inroad in this sector.
Tags : enterprise storage, data storage, open source

Data Storage QoS: Still Emerging, But Inevitable

Although adoption is still limited, leading storage experts say QoS will eventually be part of most enterprise storage systems.
Tags : enterprise storage, quality of service, QoS, data storage

Data Storage's Changing Status Quo

From which technologies are favored to which vendors are leading the way, the data storage market is changing dramatically.
Tags : CPU, data strategy, data storage, disk drive, RAID, Servers & Services

Hybrid Cloud Storage: Extending the Storage Infrastructure

Hybrid cloud storage offers significant cost savings, but beware of over-hyped solutions that don’t offer all of this technology’s true benefits.
Tags : cloud computing, hybrid cloud, Cloud Storage, data storage

Flash Data Storage: Product Overview

A survey of some of the flash-based storage products that have gained attention from enterprise buyers.
Tags : Flash, SDS, data storage, Flash Storage

Data Storage: Reviewing 2013, Forecasting 2014

A noted data storage pundit fearlessly predicts the future for flash, SAS, SATA, NAS and many other key data storage technologies.
Tags : enterprise storage, PCI, data storage, Flash, SATA, SAS

Top Ten Storage Trends of 2013

Flash, storage tiering, and 'software defined' were among the hot trends in the data storage market.
Tags : tiered storage, data storage, cloud computing, Object Storage, Flash

Data Storage: Hyperconvergence Buying Guide

Hyperconvergence, a technology that integrates commodity hardware into a single appliance, is playing a growing role in data storage.
Tags : storage appliance, convergence, hyperconvergence, data storage

Where is the Data Storage Innovation?

As the data storage market churns with the old guard fending off the newcomers, where is enterprise storage headed?
Tags : enterprise storage, data storage, data center management, Flash, solid state drives

Data Storage: How to Save Space Frugally

A data storage expert offer techniques to help squeeze your expanding data into finite storage capacity.
Tags : data storage, deduplication, dedupe, enterprise storage

The Company That Could Replace Flash Storage with Nanotubes

Even as flash storage overtakes the enterprise, a still more innovative technology is potentially poised to overtake flash.
Tags : Flash, data storage, enterprise storage

Scality Cloud Storage Update Delivers Native NFS Support

The one RING? Storage startup blurs the lines between file and object storage.
Tags : data storage, Cloud Storage, NFS, network file system, cloud computing

Software Defined Storage: Getting Down to Specifics

A look at some of the tools and solutions that comprise software defined data storage.
Tags : data storage, Software Defined Storage, virtual storage

Storage Networking World: From Tape to Cloud

At the big data storage conference, attendees talked about the collapse of Nirvanix, the value of tape and how cloud is changing data storage.
Tags : data storage, storage networking, tape backup, cloud computing

Seven Hot Products from Storage Networking World

New data storage products from the industry confab reveal many future directions in the storage market.
Tags : data storage, enterprise storage, Flash, storage networking

Software Defined Storage and Networking: Will it Work?

The trend toward software defined is gaining steam in all IT sectors. But is it a good fit for storage and networking?
Tags : networking, data storage, SDN, Software Defined Storage

Tape Data Storage Market: Buying Guide

Contrary to the hype, tape is far from dead in the data storage market.
Tags : data storage, tape storage, tape

Tulips, Dot-coms and SANs: Why the SSD Buyout Craze Won't End Well

Enormous excitement over flash storage is driving a flurry of SSD acquisitions. Dot-com mania, anyone?
Tags : data storage, SSD, SAN, Flash

Top Ten Tips for Implementing a Virtual SAN

When implementing a virtual SAN, avoid “rip and replace," and watch out for extra overhead.
Tags : data storage, Storage Area Networking, SAN, virtualization

Violin Memory to Ease Flash Storage Migration with Maestro

New self-learning software and hardware combo from the company helps businesses take non-disruptive baby steps toward flash-accelerated applications and IT workloads.
Tags : Violin Memory, storage migration, data storage, Flash, SSD

Virtual SAN Buying Guide

An overview of the options in virtual storage area networks from VMware, DataCore, HP, Sanbolic, and NetApp.
Tags : SAN, data storage, virtual storage

Hyper-V Storage Buying Guide

An extensive round-up of data storage solutions from vendors with products designed for use with Microsoft’s Hyper-V.
Tags : virtualization, Hyper-V, data storage

Data Storage: REST vs. POSIX for Archives and HSM

REST can’t manage data the way POSIX can, but will likely evolve and become the new data interface standard of the cloud era.
Tags : data storage, HSM, POSIX, REST

EMC Acquires Flash-Savvy Storage Startup ScaleIO

Weeks after details of the buy emerged, EMC finally cops to snapping up the server-side storage software company.
Tags : Flash, SSD, EMC, data storage

SanDisk Invests in Flashy Cloud Startup Panzura

The flash storage and SSD specialist wants to help a flash-accelerated cloud storage company's systems make their way into more enterprises.
Tags : cloud computing, Cloud Storage, data storage, Sandisk

Secure-24 Launches Backup as a Service

Company unveils cloud-enabled, EMC-based backup services for business with big data security needs.
Tags : data storage, BAAS, Back-up

Kaminario Launches 4th-Gen K2 All-Flash Arrays

Company hopes to lure enterprises with faster, cheaper and cloudier SSD arrays that don't leave apps hanging during an outage.
Tags : Flash, SSD, data storage

Rethinking Data Storage: HP's Sean Kinney (Video)

The HP executive talks about the changing data storage market, and provides tips on “future proofing” your storage infrastructure.
Tags : Converged Infrastructure, HP, Flash, data storage

IDC Defines Software Defined Storage

The market research firm seeks to get to disambiguate the popular new term. It's a move that may impact companies that label themselves as Software Defined Storage (SDS) vendors.
Tags : data storage, Storage, Software Defined Storage

Flash Caching Software Firm Proximal Data Scores $2M in Funding

Storage software startup targets virtualized environments as the server-side caching market heats up.
Tags : data storage, Flash, caching, PCIe

Data Storage, DNA and Shakespeare

Two British scientists realized that human DNA is a high capacity storage medium. Is this the future of storage?
Tags : DNA, data storage, Storage

HP Debuts New StoreEver LTO-6 Tape Storage Hardware

HP undergoes a big tape storage system revamp as the company shifts to the LTO-6 tape standard.
Tags : data storage, tape storage, HP

True Data Security Goes Beyond Encryption

Never has so much data been stored, and never has so much been at risk. Encryption is critical to keeping your data safe, but it is only the first step in ensuring that your data is usable to those who need it.
Tags : data storage, storage security, encryption, data security

Actifio Pitches New Efficiencies in Managing Production Data Copies

Firm bills its protection and availability storage platform as a path to cut costs and simplify storage amid a sea of copy data.
Tags : PaaS, platform-as-a-service, data storage, data storage management

Data Watch Looks to Secure External Storage

Taiwan firm pairs portable hard-drive enclosures with RAID external storage systems to help secure the mobile workforce.
Tags : RAID, data storage, security, storage hardware, DAS

4 Ways to Cut Storage Compliance Costs

Complying with privacy and data protections laws and the numerous regulations designed to protect sensitive and confidential customer information can get expensive. But noncompliance is more costly. Follow these four simple guidelines to reduce your compliance costs while remaining compliant.
Tags : Storage, Compliance Management, data storage, cost management, compliance

Data is Becoming Colder

Do you have data that you haven't touched in a long time? Some fairly recent studies have shown that data is getting colder.
Tags : data storage, storage management