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Seven Tips for Disaster Recover in the Cloud

Cloud computing is changing disaster recovery, from pricing to methodology.
Tags : cloud computing, Disaster Recovery Plan, DR planning

IT Disaster Recovery: Automate, Virtualize

When the unforeseen hits, an IT department needs a pre-set response pattern to lessen the chaos.
Tags : disaster recovery, Disaster Recovery Plan, DR planning

Eight Tips for Implementing a DR Program

Plan now to make sure you're prepared when a disaster hits.
Tags : backup, business continuity, Disaster Recovery Plan, archive, Storage

Disaster Recovery: IT Pros Handle Hurricane Sandy

IT professionals talk about disaster recovery in response to the mega-storm. Plus: 10 lessons learned for the next natural disaster.
Tags : IT management, disaster recovery, Disaster Recovery Plan, cloud backup, Storage

Datalink Announces $8M Disaster Recovery Project Win

The company will optimize this client's disaster recovery (DR) capabilities using disk-based site-to-site replication technologies.
Tags : disaster recovery, DR, Disaster Recovery Plan, DR planning

5 Tips For Disaster Recovery Planning

Five considerations for effective disaster-recovery planning.
Tags : disaster recovery, disaster recover, Disaster Recovery Plan, Disaster Response team

Choosing The Right Backup and Recovery Solution

An organization's backup and recovery solution is a key part of an overall disaster recovery plan.
Tags : backup, backup software, backup and recovery, Disaster Recovery Plan, backup data

Disaster Recovery For Your Small Business

Too many small businesses don't protect themselves with a disaster recovery plan.
Tags : data storage, SMB, disaster recovery, small business, Disaster Recovery Plan

The Importance of Testing a Disaster Recovery Plan

Make sure you can access systems and software before a disaster takes place.
Tags : DR, Disaster Recovery Plan, recovery plan

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