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More Deduplication Tools to Check Out

Data deduplication has hit the mainstream and nearly all of the major vendors have an offering along with numerous smaller players. Here are 13 dedupe offerings worth a look. At least one is likely to more than meet your needs.
Tags : NetApp, dedupe, FalconStor, data deduplication

5 Questions With FalconStor CEO James McNiel

In the wake of ReiJane Huai’s resignation, FalconStor Software’s interim CEO is attempting to reshape the company’s image, strategy and product line.
Tags : Cloud, data protection, FalconStor, Bluestone, FalconStor Software

FalconStor Tackles I/O Bottlenecks for VDI

Virtual desktops get an I/O performance boost from the Network Storage Server (NSS) SAN Accelerator’s SSD technology.
Tags : SSD, VDI, virtual desktop infrastructure, FalconStor, SAN Accelerator

Quantum, Nexsan Expand Deduplication Offerings

EMC partners Quantum and FalconStor have their own data deduplication offerings.
Tags : EMC, deduplication, Quantum, FalconStor, Nexsan

Quantum and NEC Update Dedupe Offerings

As EMC and NetApp fight over Data Domain, other vendors continue to roll out deduplication products to tap into the fast-growing market.
Tags : data storage, deduplication, NEC, Quantum, FalconStor

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