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Ten Leading Vendors in Flash Storage

Flash storage has come a long way and is now replacing 15k RPM drives. Who are the big flash storage vendors?
Tags : Flash, SSD, Flash Array, SSD Performance

Buying Guide to All Flash Arrays: Visionaries

A survey of flash storage vendors, including several that Gartner categorized as Visionaries in its MQ.
Tags : Flash, Gartner, SDS

Elite Eight Flash Data Storage Tips

Just as the NCAA basketball tournament whittles down to the elite eight, we offer eight elite tips for flash storage.
Tags : Flash, data storage, SSD

9 Tips for Getting the Most out of Flash Data Storage

Contrary to vendor hype, flash isn't the answer to all data storage problems. Yet it does make a huge difference in those situations where it's appropriate.
Tags : Flash, data storage, SSD

Top Ten Data Storage Trends that Emerged in 2014

In the data storage world, interest in software defined seems to have waned, while the cloud is on the way up.
Tags : Flash, data storage, cloud computing, Storage

Ten Leading Vendors in Flash Storage

Flash storage has come a long way and is now replacing 15k RPM drives. Who are the big flash storage vendors?
Tags : Flash, SSD, Flash Array, SSD Performance

Data Storage's Future: Disruption Ahead

The future of data storage is in flux as legacy storage vendors face a dizzying array of challenges.
Tags : Flash, data storage, cloud computing, enterprise storage, Software Defined Storage, SDS

Caching, Flash, Disk and Storage's Future

The relative importance of the technologies driving storage is shifting quickly.
Tags : Flash, caching, enterprise storage, POSIX, disk

Buying Guide: Flash Arrays

Whatever a flash array vendor says, there’s no substitute for testing in your own environment and under your own specific workloads.
Tags : Flash, SSD, enterprise storage, solid state drive, Flash Array

Flash Data Storage: Product Overview

A survey of some of the flash-based storage products that have gained attention from enterprise buyers.
Tags : Flash, data storage, Flash Storage, SDS

Data Storage: Reviewing 2013, Forecasting 2014

A noted data storage pundit fearlessly predicts the future for flash, SAS, SATA, NAS and many other key data storage technologies.
Tags : Flash, data storage, enterprise storage, SAS, SATA, PCI

Top Ten Storage Trends of 2013

Flash, storage tiering, and 'software defined' were among the hot trends in the data storage market.
Tags : Flash, data storage, cloud computing, tiered storage, Object Storage

Where is the Data Storage Innovation?

As the data storage market churns with the old guard fending off the newcomers, where is enterprise storage headed?
Tags : Flash, data storage, data center management, enterprise storage, solid state drives

The Company That Could Replace Flash Storage with Nanotubes

Even as flash storage overtakes the enterprise, a still more innovative technology is potentially poised to overtake flash.
Tags : Flash, data storage, enterprise storage

Seven Hot Products from Storage Networking World

New data storage products from the industry confab reveal many future directions in the storage market.
Tags : Flash, data storage, storage networking, enterprise storage

Tulips, Dot-coms and SANs: Why the SSD Buyout Craze Won't End Well

Enormous excitement over flash storage is driving a flurry of SSD acquisitions. Dot-com mania, anyone?
Tags : Flash, data storage, SSD, SAN

Violin Memory to Ease Flash Storage Migration with Maestro

New self-learning software and hardware combo from the company helps businesses take non-disruptive baby steps toward flash-accelerated applications and IT workloads.
Tags : Flash, data storage, SSD, Violin Memory, storage migration

Flash Storage Buying Guide

These companies offer Flash and hybrid storage solutions for a variety of uses.
Tags : Flash, SSD, hybrid, array, Storage, software-defined storage, disk drive

Five More Hot Storage Startups

Keep an eye on these new storage vendors.
Tags : Flash, software, array, startup, Storage

Six Hybrid Storage Tips

Most users can benefit from a mix of HDDs and flash.
Tags : Flash, SSD, Enterprise, HDD, hybrid storage, hard disk drive

EMC Acquires Flash-Savvy Storage Startup ScaleIO

Weeks after details of the buy emerged, EMC finally cops to snapping up the server-side storage software company.
Tags : Flash, data storage, EMC, SSD

Six Tips for Media Storage in a Big Data World

Media and entertainment companies need plenty of storage capacity, as well as analytics capabilities.
Tags : Flash, media, tape, disk, entertainment, big data, Storage

External Disk Storage Revenues Drop in Q1: IDC

The storage industry hits a speed bump, its first since 2009.
Tags : Flash, enterprise storage, SAN, NAS, external drives

SSDs, Flash and Why Disks Will Not Go Away

Despite what flash vendors say, SSDs are not going to replace hard disks completely anytime soon.
Tags : Flash, SSD, hard drive, hard disk, NAND Flash, Storage

EMC Books Record Q1 Revenues, Announces New Pivotal Developments

The data storage giant weathers an enterprise IT landscape defined by cautious spending and reveals a big new investor for its Pivotal spin out.
Tags : Flash, EMC, Storage, Pivotal

Hybrid Disk Drives, Caching SSDs and What They Mean to You

The idea of adding cache to storage is coming back into vogue again.
Tags : Flash, cache, SSD, disk drives, RAID, hybrid, appliance, Storage

Kaminario Launches 4th-Gen K2 All-Flash Arrays

Company hopes to lure enterprises with faster, cheaper and cloudier SSD arrays that don't leave apps hanging during an outage.
Tags : Flash, data storage, SSD

Rethinking Data Storage: HP's Sean Kinney (Video)

The HP executive talks about the changing data storage market, and provides tips on “future proofing” your storage infrastructure.
Tags : Flash, data storage, HP, Converged Infrastructure

Oracle's Flash-Friendly Sun ZFS Storage Is Ready for New SPARCs

What good are new servers without storage? Oracle NAS systems offer automated SSD caching to speed up enterprise workloads.
Tags : Flash, NAS, ZFS, SPARC, Storage

Flash Caching Software Firm Proximal Data Scores $2M in Funding

Storage software startup targets virtualized environments as the server-side caching market heats up.
Tags : Flash, data storage, caching, PCIe

Nimbus Data Floats HALO 2013 Software for SSD Arrays

The all-flash data storage vendor upgrades its software platform with support for a new REST-based API and apps that brings systems management capabilities to the iPhone and Android devices.
Tags : Flash, SSD, Solid State Storage, Storage

Six Hot Storage Startups

These young companies are offering products related big data, the cloud, virtualization and SSDs.
Tags : Flash, cloud computing, virtualization, SSD, startups, big data, Storage

Big Data Storage Buying Guide

Analysts advise managers to think strategically and consider their security needs when it comes to big data storage.
Tags : Flash, Hadoop, SSD, tiering, big data, Storage

EMC Takes Enterprise Flash Storage to the Xtrem

Data storage giant unveils new PCIe flash server cards and offers a peek at its all-SSD roadmap.
Tags : Flash, SSD, PCIe, Storage

NetApp Releases an All-Flash Storage Array

Enterprise data storage vendor takes the wraps off the company's first all-SSD array, the EF540, and sets the stage for more.
Tags : Flash, Storage, enterprise datacenter

EMC Q4 Earnings Boosted by Strong Enterprise Storage and Cloud Demand

High-end arrays, midrange storage systems and cloud software and infrastructure offerings helped the IT giant hit $6 billion in quarterly revenues for the first time.
Tags : Flash, cloud computing, EMC, Storage

Mainstreaming High IO Performance with Flash Cache

Enterprise storage solutions with flash cache can offer faster performance and lower latency at a reasonable price.
Tags : Flash, cache, SSD, enterprise storage, tiering, IOS

EMC Flash Storage Buyer's Guide

The recent VMworld showcased some key flash-based storage solutions.
Tags : Flash, EMC, Storage

Pure Storage Looks to All-Flash Data Center

With an eye toward the post-disk era, this startup offers an enterprise-grade, all-flash storage solution.
Tags : Flash, Flash Array, Storage, Flash Storage

Nimble Storage: It's All About Convergence

Startup vendor specializes in converged array that marries primary and backup storage along with disaster recovery.
Tags : Flash, disaster recovery, iSCSI, array, RAID array, Nimble Storage

Storage I/O and the Laws of Physics

Henry Newman revisits the limitations of storage I/O and explains why the movement of data is at the mercy of the physical constraints within computers and storage hardware.
Tags : Flash, SSD, storage networking, solid state disk, Storage I/O

How Cache Management Could Eat Your Lunch

The latency of the Internet is greater than the latency of disk, so what's the point of Flash cache for Web devices?
Tags : Flash, cache, SSD, disk drives, solid state disk

STEC Beefs Up SSD Arsenal

STEC is now shipping new SSDs and now supports DRAM, SLC and MLC NAND Flash.
Tags : Flash, SSD, STEC, MLC, SLC

Violin Rolls Out MLC-Based Flash Memory Arrays

Violin’s addition of MLC-based devices to its line of SSDs is indicative of the general trend toward MLC NAND flash in enterprise disk arrays.
Tags : Flash, SSD, MLC, SLC, Violin Memory

Why Flash Drive Density Will Stop Growing Next Year

Solid state disk (SSD) development could easily stagnate at the 20-25nm mark without changes to today’s materials and techniques for storing and retrieving data.
Tags : Flash, SSD, NAND, solid state disk, Lithography

Oracle: Reasons to Love Tape

Oracle EVP John Fowler praises flash and tape.
Tags : Flash, data storage, tape storage, tape, disk

Micron Ships 6Gbps SATA SSDs; Seagate Partners with Samsung

Micron's 6Gbps SATA drives compete with SSD drives from Intel, Samsung and STEC. Meanwhile, Seagate is partnering with Samsung for enterprise-class SSD controllers.
Tags : Flash, SSD, solid state disk

Nimbus Flash Storage Targets Data Center Energy Requirements

The company boasts sustainable storage with its latest enterprise flash storage system.
Tags : Flash, Storage

Enterprise Flash: MLC or SLC?

Conventional wisdom dictates that SLC technology is the only type of NAND flash suitable for enterprise-class SSDs. However, that line of thought is changing.
Tags : Flash, Solid-State Drives, Solid State Storage

Fusion-io Creates Flash-Optimized OS Subsystem

Fusion-io has combined the capabilities of traditional I/O subsystems with the features of virtual memory to create a hybrid flash-optimized OS subsystem called the ioMemory VSL.
Tags : Flash, SSD, Fusion-io, Solid State Storage, solid state drives

Nimble iSCSI Array Merges Primary, Secondary Storage

Nimble Storage today launched an iSCSI storage array that offers a new converged approach to primary and secondary storage for midsize companies.
Tags : Flash, iSCSI, SATA, SSDs

Greenliant Acquires Microchip's NANDrive, NAND Controller

The acquired product lines from Microchip Technology will form the core of Greenliant's solid-state storage product portfolio.
Tags : Flash, SSD, solid state drive, NAND, controller

SandForce SSD Controllers Gets Nod from IBM

IBM plans to include SandForce Flash controller chip technology in future systems.
Tags : Flash, data, SSD, Enterprise, controller

Toshiba Invests in Violin Enterprise Flash

Toshiba makes a multimillion dollar investment in Violin Memory.
Tags : Flash, Enterprise, Memory, NAND

SSD Technology Changes Data Storage

Flash-based SSD in the enterprise is used as a caching tier for servers or as a storage tier.
Tags : Flash, SSD, controller, storage tier, server cache

LSI, Seagate Test Flash Cache

LSI and Seagate are sampling an LSI-branded server bus flash card, targeting data-intensive applications.
Tags : Flash, cache, Seagate, Flash Array, LSI

Intel Halts SSD Sales Following Data Loss

The data corruption problem only appears under one condition, but it was enough to force Intel to halt solid state drive shipments.
Tags : Flash, Intel, SSD, Solid-State Drives, STEC

Fusion-io Lowers the Price of Solid State Storage

Fusion-io says it has combined low-cost MLC flash with the reliability of enterprise-class SLC.
Tags : Flash, data storage, Solid-State Drives, STEC, Fusion-io

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