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IBM Stays the Storage Course

A look at how IBM is navigating the many dramatic changes in the today’s data storage market.
Tags : data storage, IBM

Eight Big Data Storage Stars

These storage management solutions complement Hadoop.
Tags : Hadoop, IBM, EMC, Red Hat, storage management, big data

Tape Archiving Buyer's Guide

A spotlight on IBM, HP and Overland tape archiving products.
Tags : IBM, tape storage, HP, tape drives, archiving, Tape Library, LTO, Overland

IBM Gives PureSystems a Storage Boost

With the debut of its new Flex System V7000 hardware, Big Blue offers improved storage utilization and management on its PureSystems line of integrated IT systems.
Tags : cloud computing, IBM, Cloud Storage, Storage

IBM Debuts DS8870 Arrays in Big Data, Cloud Storage Revamp

Big Blue aims for Big Data analytics and cloud workloads with Power7 processors and new storage management updates.
Tags : cloud computing, IBM, big data, Storage

IBM Storage Buying Guide

IBM's venerable storage portfolio includes tape, disk, SAN and NAS. Even more important than the hardware, however, is the intelligence Big Blue offers to easily and efficiently manage  enterprises' ever increasing storage needs.
Tags : IBM, SAN, NAS, Buying Guide, tape, disk

Nirvanix Deal to Expand CloudSmart Storage

A new agreement with Nirvanix will enable IBM's cloud storage services to have access to massive amounts of data in the cloud.
Tags : IBM, Cloud Storage, Nirvanix, Storage, SmartCloud

The Evolution of Stupidity: Research (Don't Repeat) the Storage Past

Why does the storage industry continue to make the same mistakes over again and continue to take bold statements as fact?  
Tags : IBM, EMC, tape drives, storage technologies, holographic storage, Storage

6 Big Data Implementations to Watch

What does 'big data' really mean? Here are 6 implementations helping define it.
Tags : Hadoop, open source, IBM, EMC, CA, NetApp, pNFS, Greenplum, big data, Engenio


IBM to integrate multi-level cell SSDs into the DS8800, DS8700, Storwize V7000 arrays.

IBM Builds on Hadoop with New Storage Architecture

The new IBM General Parallel File System-Shared Nothing Cluster (GPFS-SNC) is said to offer double the analytics processing speed of competing solutions for "big data."

Brocade Builds Converged Switch Module, CNA for IBM BladeCenter

Brocade has designed an embedded switch and converged network adapter that bring unified SAN and LAN connectivity to IBM’s BladeCenter servers.
Tags : IBM, Brocade, CNA, Unified Networking, Converged Networking

IBM Storwize Launch Wows Some, Confuses Others

The confusion lies in the nomenclature as IBM has launched the Storwize V7000 storage array, but nixed the Storwize brand as it pertains to real-time data compression.
Tags : IBM, Storwize, data compression, XIV, SAN Volume Controller

IBM to Buy Networking Vendor BLADE Technologies

IBM announced plans to acquire privately-held networking vendor BLADE Network Technologies for an undisclosed sum as it continues to build out its cloud computing portfolio.
Tags : cloud computing, IBM, virtualization, BLADE Network Technologies

Top 10 Storage Vendors with Staying Power

Acquisitions have the storage landscape in constant flux, but some vendors fall under the category of untouchable.
Tags : IBM, EMC, Dell, HP, NetApp

Top Ten Rumors in Data Storage

Which of the many IT and data storage rumors are true and which are hogwash? Take your pick.
Tags : IBM, EMC, Cisco, NetApp, Brocade

IBM to Buy Storwize for Real-Time Data Compression

IBM has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire privately-held Storwize in an effort to add real-time data compression to its storage portfolio.
Tags : IBM, data deduplication, data compression

IBM Announces New Deduplication Appliance

The company's new ProtecTIER TS7610 appliance sits between an application server and its primary storage array.
Tags : IBM, deduplication, dedupe

IBM Combines Hardware, Software Units

IBM has merged its two non-services divisions – hardware and software – into a single business unit under one manager.
Tags : IBM

IBM expands ProtecTIER deduplication, upgrades SONAS platform

IBM has introduced ProtecTIER data deduplication appliances for SMBs and a series of enhancements for the massive SONAS platform.
Tags : IBM, NAS, data deduplication, ProtecTIER, SONAS

Why Enterprise Tape Can't Get No Respect

High-end tape storage is the most reliable enterprise storage media, orders of magnitude better than SAS drives, so why can't it be put to better use?
Tags : Oracle, IBM, tape storage, archiving, LTO-5

IBM to Acquire Data Reduction Company, Storwize?

Rumors swirled around speculation that IBM is in talks to acquire startup Storwize for a reported $140 million.
Tags : IBM, data reduction, Storwize, acquire

Cisco Strategy Focuses on Infrastructure, Storage networking

Clouds and virtualization will help with the 1.2 zettabytes of data humans are expected to create in 2010.
Tags : IBM, storage networking, Cisco, HP, infrastructure

Can Declustering Save RAID Storage Technology?

Panasas and IBM are just two of the storage vendors turning to an old idea to improve RAID rebuild times.
Tags : IBM, data protection, RAID, RAID storage, Panasas

IBM Resells LSI 6-Gig SAS RAID Array

The long-running storage networking partnership between IBM and LSI shows no signs of slowing.
Tags : IBM, storage networking, SAS, LSI, storage array

IBM and Fujifilm Increase Tape Density

With the cooperation of scientists from Fujifilm, IBM has recorded data onto magnetic tape with a density of 29.5 billion bits per square inch – almost 39 times the data density of LTO-4, today’s most popular tape product.
Tags : data storage, IBM, tape, Fujifilm

RecoverNow V5.1 Offers Data Recovery for IBM i Systems

The recent upgrade includes a recovery assistant to automate and simplify recovery operations.
Tags : IBM, data protection, storage management, data recovery

IBM Makes Waves in Data Storage Market

IBM's storage business is on a roll. What's behind the company's surge in storage?
Tags : data storage, IBM, service, storage market

Total Disk Storage Systems Turn a Corner, Posting First Year-Over-Year Gain in More Than Four Quarters

Finally, some good news from IDC that the dip in storage hardware sales is turning around
Tags : IBM, EMC, storage networking, HP, NetApp

IBM Products for Storage Management of 'Big Data'

IBM claims its new storage management products reduce the cost and complexity of storing vast amounts of data.
Tags : data storage, IBM, storage management, Storage

Gartner Says Worldwide External Controller-Based Disk Storage Market Declined 8.6 Percent in 2009

EMC remains in top spot followed by IBM and HP.
Tags : IBM, EMC, HP, Gartner, Hitachi

IBM Adds Solid State Drive Tiering to DS8700 Storage Array

IBM beats EMC to market with sub-volume data storage tiering.
Tags : IBM, SSD, storage management, solid state drive, tiered storage

IBM, Verizon Move Data Backup and Recovery to the Cloud

The two tech giants are partnering on a cloud-based data backup offering that uses Verizon's private network for performance and security.
Tags : IBM, Cloud Storage, data protection, data backup, backup and recovery

IBM Brings Deduplication to Mainframes

Big Blue unveils a virtual tape library with deduplication capabilities for backing up z/OS environments.
Tags : IBM, deduplication, mainframe, backup and recovery, VTL

IBM Unveils Clustered NAS Storage

Big Blue is the latest data storage vendor to offer extreme scale-out network attached storage.
Tags : IBM, NetApp, NAS, network attached storage, clustered file systems

LTO-5 Breathes New Life into Tape Storage

Far from dying, data tape storage technology is getting faster, denser and more secure.
Tags : data storage, IBM, tape storage, Quantum, tape

EMC Adds 8-Gig Fibre Channel to Symmetrix V-Max

The data storage giant is the first high-end vendor with native 8-gig Fibre Channel, but others will soon follow.
Tags : IBM, EMC, Hitachi Data Systems, EMC Symmetrix V-Max, 8Gbps Fibre Channel

HP, IBM and 3PAR Unveil New Data Storage Wares

Protecting server virtualization environments is a common theme among data storage hardware vendors.
Tags : IBM, HP

IBM Takes Aim at EMC, HDS with New Storage System

Big Blue's long-awaited high-end storage system refresh finally arrives.
Tags : data storage, IBM, EMC, SSD, Hitachi Data Systems

Cloud Storage, SSDs Take Center Stage at SNW

IBM, HDS, Sun and 3PAR are among the vendors with big product announcements this week.
Tags : data storage, IBM, SSD, deduplication, Sun Microsystems

IBM, Symantec Get Ready for Cloud Storage

IBM and Symantec are the latest storage vendors to launch massive clustered systems for enterprise cloud environments.
Tags : IBM, Cloud Storage, Symantec, clustered file systems

IBM, NetApp Fare Best in Slumping Data Storage Market

After three straight quarterly declines, IDC is seeing some hope for data storage sales.
Tags : data storage, IBM, EMC, NetApp, market share

IBM Turns to LSI for Midrange Storage

Big Blue once again taps LSI for its midrange SANs. Can a NAS deal be far behind?
Tags : IBM, SAN, NetApp, NAS, LSI

STEC Makes Solid State Strides

The solid state drive maker has found a way to make lower-cost MLC technology ready for enterprise use.
Tags : IBM, EMC, SSD, Solid-State Drives, STEC

LSI Reveals More of NAS Plans

NAS gateways and unified storage appear to be LSI's priority following its ONStor acquisition, but don't rule out the pure NAS market.
Tags : IBM, NetApp, NAS, LSI, ONStor

IBM Uses Replication, Dedupe to Cut Data Recovery Costs

Replication is becoming a must-have feature for data deduplication vendors.
Tags : IBM, deduplication, disaster recovery, replication

Cisco Gives SANs, IBM Mainframes a Performance Boost

Are Cisco's latest storage switch innovations enough to reverse market share losses to Brocade?
Tags : IBM, Cisco, Brocade, FCoE, fibre channel

LSI-ONStor Merger Bad News for NetApp?

LSI's move into the NAS market could mean trouble for the IBM-NetApp partnership.
Tags : IBM, NetApp, NAS, LSI, ONStor

IBM to Resell Cisco, Brocade FCoE Switches

Big Blue deepens its commitment to Fibre Channel over Ethernet and converged data center networks with its latest networking deals.
Tags : IBM, Cisco, Brocade, Fibre Channel over Ethernet, FCoE

IBM, NetApp Take on Virtual I/O Bottlenecks

BlueArc and Panasas are also among the storage vendors working to solve the problem of I/O constraints caused by server virtualization.
Tags : data storage, IBM, virtualization, I/O, NetApp

IBM Embraces FCoE, Converged Data Center Networks

Big Blue adds FCoE adapter technology from QLogic and Brocade to its servers as converged data center network technology begins to appear in the marketplace. And HP is getting in on the act too.
Tags : IBM, Brocade, Emulex, Fibre Channel over Ethernet, QLogic

IBM Adds Solid State to High-End Storage

IBM is adding solid state drives and new management software to its DS8000 data storage arrays.
Tags : data storage, IBM, EMC, Solid-State Drives, Hitachi

Sun Sees Growth in Data Tape Storage

An old data storage technology is providing Sun Microsystems with a surprising source of growth.
Tags : data storage, Oracle, IBM, Sun Microsystems, tape

With $20 Billion Up for Grabs, Everyone's an EMR Vendor

Data storage vendors are forming partnerships and repositioning themselves in hopes of getting a piece of the electronic medical records stimulus spending.
Tags : data storage, IBM, EMC, healthcare, stimulus bill

Analysts Expect Tough Quarter for NetApp

The difficult data storage market could take a toll on NetApp, according to analysts. And a look at winners and losers in the storage sector after a trying first quarter.
Tags : data storage, IBM, EMC, NetApp, Brocade

IBM Says Brocade Deal Not Aimed at Cisco

Big Blue will resell Brocade's Ethernet switches, but claims it's not retaliating against Cisco.
Tags : IBM, networking, Cisco, Brocade, fibre channel

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