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Tape Archiving Buyer's Guide

A spotlight on IBM, HP and Overland tape archiving products.
Tags : IBM, tape storage, HP, tape drives, archiving, Tape Library, LTO, Overland

LTO Tape Buying Guide

LTO technology has been around for many years, and numerous vendors sell products built around it. With LTO-5 released this year and LTO-6 on the horizon, how does an enterprise chose from the myriad product choices?
Tags : Buying Guide, tape, LTO-5, LTO, Spectra Logic

The Secret Life of Tape, 2011 Update

With its hard error rate, low power consumption and cooling costs, and cost per TB, tape remains the best medium for long-term storage. Like any medium, however, tape has a life span and associated limitations.
Tags : archiving, tape, tape backup, LTO-5, Imation, life cycle, LTO

Strategies for Long-Term Data Retention

IDC analyst Noemi Greyzdorf looks at alternatives ranging from scale-out file-based systems to traditional tape archives.
Tags : archiving, tape, LTO, data retention

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