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High Performance Data Storage Tips

Getting the most from high performance data storage requires making the best data architecture decisions.
Tags : data storage, Lustre, HPC

Lustre Buying Guide

The open source file system is popular in High Performance Computing (HPC) and Supercomputing environments.
Tags : open source, Lustre

Performance Analysis for File Systems: NFS vs. Parallel

You need different performance analysis and workload characterization tools for NFS and parallel file systems.
Tags : file systems, NFS, Lustre, Parallel File System, GPFS, Storage

Storage Appliances Are the Future

IT storage administrators will need to understand data storage appliances if they want to remain employed.
Tags : Hadoop, SSD, RAID, Lustre, Storage Appliances, big data, GPFS

EMC Shows Off HPC Capabilities of Its Unified Storage Platform

EMC's VNX7500 attains record benchmark on the Lustre file system and unveils collaboration agreement with Los Alamos National Laboratories on high-performance computing initiatives.
Tags : EMC, supercomputing, Lustre, HPC, Storage

Whamcloud Building New Lustre Distro

Open source startup is gearing up to build a high-availability Lustre file system distribution, but it's not a fork from Oracle.
Tags : open source, Oracle, Lustre, Whamcloud

Oracle Says it Isn't Losing its Lustre

Amid speculation about the fate of the open-source file system, Oracle has vowed that it has an "unwavering commitment to Lustre."
Tags : Oracle, ZFS, Lustre, file system, open-source

Oracle Makes Lustre Users Buy Hardware for Support

The clustered file system will remain open source, but paid support for version 2.0 will require new hardware.
Tags : open source, Oracle, clustered file systems, Sun Open Storage, Lustre

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